Bits and Pieces 16 Jan 09

There is a certain monochrome scent in the air on a winter day that is like no other
There is a certain monochrome scent in the air on a winter day that is like no other

Photographic happiness in a small pond: I got the check for the Grayson County project from NatureServe (entity collaboration between National Geographic and the Nature Conservancy if I’m understanding and remembering correctly). I was beginning to wonder–some confusion in their billing system. Possibly another little project coming up–pay to do something I enjoy: not too shabby! Images are still not loaded on the site, but soon, and I’ll give you the link to take a look.

Photography happiness Part Two: Wordsprint (my friend Bill Gilmer’s growing business based in  our old home town of Wytheville) will be using my images for the monthly postcard mailings. These are nice 5 x 7 cards I’d been thinking about to add to the notecards for my wee product line. So if these are well received, I may print up a run of each one for sale online and in local shops. The first one is the image above, one of my favorites, of our son Nathan walking with his mom across the frosty pasture. I think he was home briefly between Belfast and Burlington.

0.5 degrees and falling at 430 am. Gust expected to 30 mph. High of 17 today. Find the warm woolies. Tomorrow, the first day for ICE PIX along Nameless Creek. Will I get a single snow picture this year?

With all my software tinkering, I keep coming back to Google Docs for clipping from the web and for blog research notes. Scary to learn Google has axed Notebook, a utility I still use from time to time but can live without. Still, this reminds me that writing life in the “cloud” carries a certain risk.

Working hard on Earth Day plans, 14 emails sent off yesterday. Our request is now in the hands of keynote speaker Famous Writer’s assistant, but “she gets 20 – 30 such requests a day” so we are not holding our breath. Checking for responses this morning, I’m finding folks don’t read their email or are way slow to respond, when I want my freakin’ ducks in a row early on. Not gonna happen. Makes me remember why I am not a regular committee person–too impatient with others’ sense of timing.

Impatience? Frustration? Rush to judgement? Try this video on for size. Here’s a young man whose hand you’d like to shake. Or give him a hug. He can’t hug you back. But you’ll feel like you have been embraced. The Prescription for Self Doubt (video 5 minutes)

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