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Slow Road Home (2006) is a book I did not write as a book. Rather, it grew day by day, beginning in June 2002, as a way of finding my way forward after a major “course correction.” That break with routine and role lead me to discover much about my place in the world, and eventually gave me a story to share–in a hundred short passages–that is now Slow Road Home ~ a Blue Ridge Book of Days.

Here is a compilation of comments and reviews of the book:

Slow Road Home: What Readers Say

Second Week: June Books Sale

And oh it is such a nice week in June with low humidity, cool nights and pleasantly-warm days. Lots of hay-making going on. And you know to make hay while the sunshines, so you also know to order books while the sale shines. Thanks to those who have ordered, I have a shipment going to … Continue reading Second Week: June Books Sale


Try to Find the Words

I walked lightly through the house, coffee in hand, with only the lightning showing the way to the front door this morning. Quietly, Ann still asleep, I slipped out onto the porch and sat in the swing while my eyes learned to see in darkness. The fireflies were mesmerizing.  So familiar. Twelve years ago today, my … Continue reading Try to Find the Words


Author’s Note Slow Road Home

You will find a few moments of pleasant reading in this book, I trust. More than this, it is my hope that as you look out at my world through my eyes, you will come to know the “Ah, Aha, and Haha” realities in your own life. Looking through this lens at the terrain of … Continue reading Author’s Note Slow Road Home



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