Pagii: Ready for Prime Time

I jumped the gun a few weeks back in my attempt to show you all three sets of notecards by way of an attractive webpage creation site called Pagii.

What I didn’t know then was that you couldn’t view the page I’d created without joining. I whined about this to the crew there, and they assured me they were working on a public version. Sure enough, now anybody can see anybody else’s page in Pagii.

So do take another look–at both the Photo Note Cards AND at Pagii. You might find some uses for your own creative urges.

Works For Me

I suppose the ratio of trial to keep is about 30:1. Shareware, freeware, even paid-for programs often bite the dust when, in real life (as we know it) a piece of software is more trouble than it’s worth.

Just this week, I’ve started actually using Jjot–a simple, lightweight website for jotting down notes— and find it fills a real need for me. You might find the same. It’s very fast. Especially nice is that I can send a Jjot note instantly to my GMAIL account, though at first, these got trapped in the spam filter and a prompt tech support response clued me in to look there.

I really hope you have an ambitious plan to develop Jjot. I see all sorts of possibilities.

I currently wish and wash back and forth between Ecco Pro (love the outline abilities but it’s ancient), Notezilla (resident note on desktop and easy alarms) and Google Docs or Notebook or OneNote or BackPackIt (info share with laptop) as means of having common place to dump to-do, url, calendar, and idea items.

Jjot could become the best of all those worlds some day. I’m already using it regularly after I would have uninstalled or otherwise abandoned most other Web2 or downloaded programs I’ve tried.

Thanks for getting back to me. Support also ranks up there with usefulness and usability.

I’m Getting MACcited!

There’s really no question anymore that I’m going to take the Apple Plunge after the first of the year.

I read different numbers, but thousands of folks switch every day from PC to MAC, and so far, I haven’t read a single one that speaks of the conversion as a big mistake.

I have pretty much decided to bite the bullet and go MacPro, but not sure how much I can upgrade the stock machine right away–maybe to 2GB memory and a 750gig hard drive plus the 23″ monitor. But once the sticker shock has passed, I’m convinced I’ll be a very happy camper.

Leopard looks really interesting, and Parallels Desktop recent version really sweetens the migration considerably, letting my continue using my little PC apps while I find MAC replacements over time. (And joy! I’ll have the PC upstairs on Ann’s desk if I get totally “flustereated” at the bottom of the learning curve.

I’ll be collecting links to other “must have” apps, and looking to stock my newbie how-to folder with tips for finding my way early on. Any links or tips or experiences you can share appreciated! I’ve already benefitted from your kind guidance. I’ll need more hand-holding, so don’t go far.

I am pleased that the MAC fund got a little inflow from twenty books and as many note card sets that found homes at the Reynolds Homestead, Taste of Floyd and New River Valley Land Trust Membership events I participated in during the past week. My consumer’s guilt is ebbing just a little and my powers of rationalization are feeling their oats!