Floyd County Air Space a Busy Place

So we have the usual fall pot-spotter-copters.

And we have the new Mountain-Valley not-yet-a-reality pipeline right of way we’re-gonna-take-your-land copters.

And we have once again the scary-as-heck AEP powerline-clearing blades of death I first wrote about in 2002.

This isn’t much of a video, but it’s the best you can get with no warning, and in your socks.

You can see how very close this massive 10-blade sword comes to the powerlines in this video. How the pilot keeps the thing from twisting and kicking back I cannot figure.

Fragments From Floyd: UFO in Floyd County!  

Goose Creek Air Traffic Control | Fragments from Floyd


Bee Guides

So what’s with the fancy froo froo stripes and streaks and eyelashes on this nasturtium flower growing outside the back door?


What’s up is “it pays to advertise.”

Most of the features we notice and possibly admire as “pretty” in a lady’s slipper or turk’s cap lily are not there for our admiration any more than a robin’s song is to make us cheery on a dreary morning.

They generally have survived as reproducible shapes and colors because they are “bee guides” that lead to an increased chance that the pollen of the species will find its way to the egg of same–typically but not always on a different flower or a different plant some distance away.

Sorry this image lost clarity and sharpness in the translation to web resolution. The MACRO function on Camera + 6 is pretty cool.

I’ll try to post an image a day this week, most of them with that iPhone app or HyperLapse or maybe an iPhone default camera Slo-Mo of leaves falling.

Rage Against the Machine

Except when it is your friend.

I’m burned out, frankly, with so many emails, so many “edit this” assignments, so many changes of hats from one minute to the next here in the full flower of my “golden years.”

I’ve created a monster. What was I thinking?

But there are times when I just walk away from obligations to play.

This morning was one of those times. I downloaded and am wallowing in the geeky goodness of Camera + version 6 for iPhone.

My only regret is that the macro mode and selective focus features come at the end of insect and wildflower season. Maybe some fall leaves will cooperate.

Check back to see. Mom.

Can’t Get There from Here

Well, you can, but it ain’t easy. No straight shot, that’s for sure. You might have heard of the crooked road. Here ’tis.

I once counted the blind curves between the house and the hardtop east and west of us, as we live in betwixt two real roads.

Buckle up. Hang on. I seen’em do this onest on Dukes o’ Hazard. I think I kin do it. YEEE HAAAA! (It really needs some traveling music. Suggestions? Maybe Born to be Wild. Gotcha motor running…)

Going west that you travel in this HyperLapse video, you’l cover a five minute 1.7 mile drive at 20 mph condensed in just 1 minute.

That’d put the apparent speed at about 100 mph, during which you will carefully negotiate 11 blind curves, with or without rises so steep you can’t see anything but the hood of your car for a brief second, during which interval you hope an approaching vehicle has not entered that particular blind spot.

Mostly, you meet somebody coming the opposite direction (even a regular sized car) somebody is going to have to back up. Meet the UPS man or a logging truck, it gets interesting. Put snow or ice on the road, well…

This is the direction we don’t go for months at a time between first of December and the end of March, as it’s northy, as they say. Get’s at best two hours of sun. Less in some places. It’s 500 feet higher up in the sunshine than it is down here in the holler of Middle Earth.


Fountain of Youth

Want to live forever? Don’t drink from a water fountain in the waiting room of your doctor’s office.  What were they thinking putting a contagion-collection contraption in the midst of so many microbes, free for sharing?

So I was not-patiently doing what patients do in those special holding cells that are the first and largest of the series of containments one goes through for the purpose of a simple annual doctor’s visit.  I waited. For two hours, pushed to the last minute so I could still make  a meeting in town. Not happy.

But there was entertainment, at least: a corner-of-the-ceiling television whose volume and juvenile content could not be controlled and could not be ignored. Techno-torture.

And there was the people-watching that takes on a different character in a doctor’s office. You play the guessing game for signs and symptoms.

For many, the prevailing disorder underlying the reason for their visit appears so often to involve poor or no education, poverty, personal neglect, terrible nutrition and the manifestations thereof.

Doctor’s office waiting rooms and emergency waiting rooms seem to attract a hugely disproportionate sampling from just this population.

But where was I? Oh yeah, the people watching. Not to leave out the acoustic experience. For an hour, back and forth, coursed two very small, very loud, very out of control children. They discovered the water fountain right in front of me.  It entertained them for a full ten minutes, responsible adults–irresponsible and powerless.

And the next time my wife cautions me NOT to drink out of a public water fountain EVER, I will remember why.

What I missed in this short segment of maybe five minutes of snotty fingers dabbling in the public fountain was what happened just seconds after the end of the video:

The boy-child dropped to his knees and began sucking water out of the large, dark puddle on the carpet that his sister had created.

Shudder. Some things you see and you wish you could replay and erase.