More Mountain Melodies

We worked on Southern Mountain Melodies home page a bit more yesterday, and now there are four of the Traynhams songs available to generously sample. See the bottom of the sidebar for the links. And pardon our dust. For now, you can REFRESH the page by hitting F5 to make the player disappear when you’re through listening. We’ll fix this the next run through.

And for those few of you who might enjoy “Old Time, All the Time”, Mac told me about Sugar in the Gourd. Click on the LISTEN button up top on the program’s page, and well, listen. Discover some old favorites, and some NEW old favorites.

Mountain Stage

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I found this view of the newly-expanded Floyd Country Store that I brought home a few weeks back. You know, I think this is one of those things that, no matter how big you build it, it will fill to capacity.

But the scale of it seems about right. And so many things are better in the new version of the Country Store–not the least of which is the lighting. But then, no great surprise here: the store’s owner, Woody Crenshaw, owns Crenshaw Lighting. And he is a photographer and knows how difficult it was to get anything like a usable shot with the old lighting.

I think Ann works Friday evening. Maybe, if there’s enough left of me after work, I’ll head to town and see what’s happening “of an evening” in Greater Downtown Floyd. Ah, soon with warmer weather, the music will spill over onto the street, and the 2007 Music Season will have officially arrived.

Floyd Friday Nights

Country Store Jamboree music Floyd Virginia
Last Friday night was my first time in the “improved” Country Store, and I was pleased.

Much of the character (including the hornets nest hanging from the ceiling) remained. The same folks–the regulars–were there predictably attired and in their usual places with usual partners on the dance floor.

There’s just more room now. Better lighting. A significantly revamped sound system. And air conditioning when 200 dancing bodies send the temps soaring. Lots more shelf space, waiting to be filled with local offerings. An active soda fountain. And soon, open beyond Friday nights.

I was pleased during my short stay at the store to be able to congratulate Woody Crenshaw, owner and renovator of the store, a man who must be very gratified to see the task completed.

I’ll be pleased to offer Slow Road Home in the book section at the Country Store, and hope a new population of visiting readers will discover it there in the “heart of town” over the coming months.

And I’ll be back–for more pictures!

Where in the world do your blog vistors come from? And why? How many of them do you know? Does it matter that visits are almost entirely anonymous? These are questions I’m pondering on Nameless Creek this morning.

Floyd County, VA: Blog Grand Opening!

Floyd Country Store Friday Night JamboreePlease stop by Southern Mountain Melodies, the brand new and still growing website for our friends Mac and Jenny Traynham. These local musicians are familiar faces (and voices) in Floyd, and it’s time their music gained a wider listenership.

This is a specially important time for them to become more publically accessible in as much as they will soon have two new CD’s available. You’ll learn about that on their blog.

And please turn up your speakers! There are THREE audio files (two excerpts and one full song) to sample their sound–traditional mountain, gospel and blue grass duets, solos and instrumentals you’ll enjoy.

Leave a comment, add them to your blogroll, and when the time comes, get yourself some CDs–and a couple for your friends! Watch their schedule for performances in and around Floyd!