Wizard of Os

He’ll tell me: I can inject your thumbs, it will help for a few weeks to a few months. Maybe. I can do a tenoplasty and reduce the symptoms but it won’t stabilize the joint and if you have pain from another source, it won’t fix that. Or we can wait and do nothing and see what happens.

So why am I driving to Charlottesville to a specialist to have him tell me this?

Because she said so. And I suppose I hold the hope that some kind of intervention can at least keep me typing into my, er, the decade of life that arrives in April.

Back at it tomorrow here at Fragments. And I feel the need to pick up the camera again very soon!

While I’m here, for you bat lovers: what’s not to love. Such pretty faces. But you know, when Tsuga is lying on his back with his ears cocked back and he’s showing his teeth in a puppy grin, we call him Bat Dog.

BTW, for you non-latin types, os or oss- or osseo- are all prefixes for BONE.

3 thoughts on “Wizard of Os”

  1. I miss your photos too.

    How’s Tsuga’s ears doing now that you’ve removed the noises from the Mac?

  2. Silly me, I thought “Os” was the Mac operating system…

    Hey, my “next decade” arrives in April too. Do you suppose we’re on the same one?

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