Through the Eye of Faith

Click to download one page pdf of this Press Release
Click to download one page pdf of this Press Release

Okay, I’m trying to do this book by the book. At some point, there’s supposed to be a big “LOOK @ ME!” piece of promotion called a press release. And it needs to be in place before there is actually a book at all–a leap of faith!

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This is nothing so grand as it sounds, as there are not likely to be many presses interested a feral offering from a desk on a dirt road in Floyd County not validated by coming from a “real publisher.” But even so, there are the few Friends of the Library, Rotary and Lions, Sierra Clubs and the like that might want to know about the book. And I’d certainly be happy to provide that information.

I fabricated a page count for this thing, won’t know that until all the text is flowed between margins and images wedged in where they belong. It won’t be long, I trust, until that is completed, being in the hands of another just now. I increased the cover price from $15.95 (for Slow Road Home) to $17.95 realizing after the fact that I’d set the price on Slow Road too low, especially for the 40% discount book stores and other store fronts typically request and now with both gas and postage cost higher than they were in 2006.

Especially for those who have previewed some (or in a few cases ALL) of the book, do take a closer look at the “release” (click the image to download the one page pdf) and let me know if you think it reflects your experience of what the book was “about” or “like.” This is one of the hardest things to do–to see your own work as an editor-PR person would view it and talk about it. Some of this press release was adapted from comments some of you have sent after reading a chapter or more, so thanks!

4 thoughts on “Through the Eye of Faith”

  1. It is excellent, Fred, and the line that resonates most with me is this:

    “…guides us to celebrate in our own the many small blessings we hold in our hands.”

  2. I had to come back and read the page a third time. I love it. I can hardly wait for the entirety.
    I need it –I am so being worn down by these “Hurry Decades.” Hurry Decades. That rings a bell. That describes what I’m feeling

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