The Eagle Has Landed

Hurry! Go Tell Everybody! A Gazillion Books Coming!
Hurry! Go Tell Everybody! A Gazillion Books Coming!

Well not exactly, but What We Hold In Our Hands: a Slow Road Reader IS in flight! (Don’t tell Ann. With overruns, 1104 are coming. Gulp!)

BULLETIN! Books shipped from Ann Arbor today and will arrive Friday or Monday! Oh my gosh. We haven’t prepared the nursery or anything and the new arrivals are in Delivery!

I was going to send off a modest mass-mailing to Fragments readers or Slow Road Home readers on record but G-mail suggests I’d be better off NOT to mix send-from addresses (still in South Dakota), so I’ll wait til we get home. You were warned!

I’ll try to take pictures as the Event happens but you know how nervous new fathers can get.

I just hope it doesn’t look like a pruney pointy-headed monkey like our youngest did.

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