Pruny GrandParenting

Wet all day
Wet all day

Wet clothes are hanging everywhere, not even thinking about drying in this Alabama-quality humidity.

I leave shortly to sit in the tepid shade and wind (should I take cinderblocks for the tent corners–seriously?) while the girls won’t waste any time getting back into the cool creek. The dog was just off camera, of course, and will do his part.

Crayfish and minnows: you were warned!

4 thoughts on “Pruny GrandParenting”

  1. Saddly, our water fun was crawdadin’ in the ditch across the road…The buckets we filled and let go were never ending every summer.

  2. All right, granted, Wa & Miners are actually THERE to wish you a happy Father’s day. So here’s my pathetic attempt at holding my own: I bet you’ll read my Father’s Day salute (at some ungodly morning hour) before you hear it from them. In those hopes, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY, bright’n early. Love you, Pop.

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