About What We Hold In Our Hands

What We Hold In Our Hands: a Slow Road Reader (2009) is different from Slow Road Home–but the same.

The times were different. I was lost when I began compiling Slow Road, and to some extent “found” by the time What We Hold coalesced a few years later, with a more directed voice towards those things that held meaning or concern for me.

Many of these pieces were published in one of two news columns I maintained, or became radio essays at WVTF, the NPR station in Roanoke. These pieces more succinctly reflect the notion of a “personal ecology” and the importance of our relationships to nature, to place, and within community.

I’ll share here some excerpts from and about the book, and hope you’ll order a copy for yourself or as a gift for a friend who would resonate with this book’s hope and story.

Fred’s What We Hold In Our Hands was chosen for Ferrum College Freshman Seminar required reading. 

Second Week: June Books Sale

And oh it is such a nice week in June with low humidity, cool nights and pleasantly-warm days. Lots of hay-making going on. And you know to make hay while the sunshines, so you also know to order books while the sale shines. Thanks to those who have ordered, I have a shipment going to … Continue reading “Second Week: June Books Sale”


What We Hold In Our Hands: The Missing Preface

Let me ask you, my generation, fellow citizens of Earth, husband and wife, parent, seeker and reader of books–do we truly comprehend all that we hold in our hands? We grasp to hold precious moments in time, captured instants of light and shadow, to hold them in the snapshot memories of day to day blessings we then easily … Continue reading “What We Hold In Our Hands: The Missing Preface”

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Images Video from What We Hold

Not all these images made the final cut, but fifty did–as black and white illustrations that support the narrative from or about the picture. I think (and readers have told me) that having the pictures is a good thing. You get to see them all in one sitting–with music; turn on your speakers.


Author’s Note What We Hold In Our Hands: a Slow Road Reader

You will find a few moments of pleasant reading in this book, I trust. More than this, it is my hope that as you look out at my world through my eyes, you will come to know the “Ah, Aha, and Haha” realities in your own life. Looking through this lens at the terrain of … Continue reading “Author’s Note What We Hold In Our Hands: a Slow Road Reader”


Interview: Fred’s What We Hold ~ Part One

This is your second book. How would you compare it to the first book, Slow Road Home? The two books consist of essays and stories that are personal and local. The voice of both is avuncular and informal, and comes from my particular perspective and background as teacher and naturalist, grandparent and aging son of … Continue reading “Interview: Fred’s What We Hold ~ Part One”


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