Placing Ourselves

Birmingham: Red Mountain and the VulcanWytheville: Sand Mountain and the towersSylva: Plott Balsam Mountain’s ice covered summitMorganton: Table Rock, Grandfather MountainFloyd: Buffalo Mountain Everywhere I’ve lived (all in or very near the southern Appalachians) there has been some feature of skyline that has oriented me to where I was in the world, some high and […]


Please allow me to whine. I am had by the tender parts, and the camera accessory folks are squeezing for all they’re worth. Which is a lot. To use my telephoto lens with my tripod, I need a mounting bracket. It must be made of a semi-precious metal at $150 for this 6 ounce piece […]

Barn Redux

Thanks, Andy, for providing a caption for this image. All I expected was to put up the picture, but was pleased to find your perceptive words in a Flickr comment for this one this morning. Some photos have a “being there” quality about them; maybe its something familiar about the scene which stikes a chord, […]