Thursday Blurbs

Score One for The Guys! I achieved the Glowing GasPump Dashboard Icon award recently, traveling on mere vapors while on the remote and gasless Blue Ridge Parkway. I was traveling alone of course, as my copilot begins to panic when the tank falls below 3/4 full. I’m serious. Pain Vs Pleasure I suppose after last […]


She got her horse. After all these years. Beauty kept her out of trouble. Beauty, the first horse, also sent her to the ER with a broken arm. But now there’s Cassie, and granddaughter Abby will have her own love affair with the sweaty, obstinate, romantic beasts because her momma couldn’t live any longer without […]

And So It Goes

“Ann, you should see some of the great suggestions Fragments readers are offering for the lead-in and byline fade-out for the radio essay” I told her yesterday morning. “Like what?” she wanted to know. “Well, like Stranger on the Shore. It’s such a haunting…” “No! That comes from my brother’s era, not ours. I don’t […]

Aint Ant Aunt

I suppose the most “authentic” and unaltered mountain-talk I’ve been around since moving north from Alabama was at an impromptu meal at the home of Ray Hicks, storyteller and along with the rest of his very gracious family, keepers of the language of the mountains. But then, I guess I grew up with a double […]

Musical Bookends Needed!

Okay, Fragmented Few, here’s an opportunity to pool your collective nostalgia and set the musical score. The situation: on Saturday at the Roanoke NPR station, I recorded a shortened version of the Reunion piece posted here a while back. Dutchie at WVTF wants me to suggest an appropriate musical introduction and trailer for the piece. […]