Idle Hands: Not!

Yes, I must confess: this was one of those very rare mornings when I was in town, I was at home, and I was even sitting at the computer and did NOT post to FFF.

But lest you think I've lost the will to blog or have otherwise gotten lazy, I direct your attention to the bottom of the right sidebar to the little strip display of the notecards in Set Number One.

I'll be heading over to Wordsprint in my old home town of Wytheville on Monday to make the final touches on this project with … Continue Reading ››

Things Fall Apart

I actually had a little momentum going yesterday morning in that hardest part of a project: the getting started; the getting of the sheer weight of an object at rest moving in any direction at all, breaking the resistance of inertia that keeps a thing where it is and nowhere else. And then my engine stopped ginning. The home network started acting wonky, I couldn't share files, and the laptop browser slugged down to a crawl, and more. Must have been something I broke, I assumed.

But later--much later and many grumblings late into the day (thankfully Ann wasn't … Continue Reading ››

An Appreciation

If I'm remembering right, I found Tom Montag in a browser search for "sense of place". Early in my wanderings in the summer of 2002, I'd come across that term, new to me then, and the hair on my arms stood up. Yes! There is something in this term that represents where I must dig next to find what is important in my life. And there was Tom's site in the search results, a web page that pointed to his publications and speaking engagements, and detailed his long-term mission to accumulate enough disparate interviews and stories so that one day, … Continue Reading ››

Sunday Jots

Thunderstorms in November! We were over at a neighbors for a pot luck gathering. I would have loved to have had a camera when the first lightning flashed, and everybody in the room lifted off the floor simultaneously in surprise. We were among the first to leave, and already the sloping pasture had claimed on car sideways of the hill. Thank goodness for Subaru!

I keep running into bee people. Last night, had a conversation with a fellow that keeps 70 hives not far from here. It might be his hives that house those bees I saw on our … Continue Reading ››

And Upon This Rock

image copyright Fred First

Here's an image collected on the drive down to Mt. Airy last week.

This is the Bluemont Rock Church, one of several built during the period between the world wars in Floyd and adjacent counties by Bob Childress and his congregations.

You can read a brief account of the Childress history and legacy in the Buffalo Mountain region of Floyd and Carroll Counties. Interesting how this man's reputation and good deeds are not universally agreed upon by all who knew those times and … Continue Reading ››


image copyright Fred First

Please allow me to whine. I am had by the tender parts, and the camera accessory folks are squeezing for all they're worth. Which is a lot. To use my telephoto lens with my tripod, I need a mounting bracket. It must be made of a semi-precious metal at $150 for this 6 ounce piece of hardware. I'm wondering if by some vanishingly small chance anybody has one of these sitting idle in old Uncle Mort's chest up in the … Continue Reading ››

Photos and Front Porch Musing from Floyd County Virginia