When to Say NO

I'm sorry to focus so often lately on the intended assault on Floyd and other adjacent counties by the planned interstate 42 inch natural (fracked) gas pipeline that will stretch more than 300 miles from West Virginia to the North Carolina border of Virginia.I will let the image express how the thought of such a thing disturbs all of us--not just our neighbors in direct line of the pipe. The current maps could bear no resemblance to the ultimate route, so we all stand at risk just now.Here's what a 42 inch pipe looks like going in. It would be excavated … Continue Reading ››

It’s a Gas. But Not So Natural

Last night  there was a public meeting for sharing information about the current status of knowns and unknowns about the EQT-NextERA Mountain-Valley pipeline proposed to pass through 13 counties of West Virginia and Virginia--Floyd being one of them.It was a super event, with (just guessing) 120 people attending.One of the facts mentioned was the very real possibility of a pipeline explosion. Someone asked about the diameter of the  "blast crater" and the answer was that it depended on the size of the pipe and the pressure it was under at the time of the explosion.So go figure. We're slated to … Continue Reading ››

Fountain of Youth

Want to live forever? Don't drink from a water fountain in the waiting room of your doctor's office.  What were they thinking putting a contagion-collection contraption in the midst of so many microbes, free for sharing?
So I was not-patiently doing what patients do in those special holding cells that are the first and largest of the series of containments one goes through for the purpose of a simple annual doctor's visit.  I waited. For two hours, pushed to the last minute so I could still make  a meeting in town. Not happy.But there was entertainment, at least: a corner-of-the-ceiling television whose … Continue Reading ››

The Blob That Ate Toledo

Sorry, the title is from a weak resonance from an old B-grade sci-fi movie (in black and white, most likely) from the deep past.  In Toledo's case, the blob is a known entity: cyanobacteria.In their earliest remnant forms, cyanobacteria--or Blue Green Algae--grew in these blobby shapes called stromatolites that you see in the image above.You'll find them prominently featured in the early chapters of freshman biology texts, because we credit them with the early colonization of the land and the production of an atmosphere with increasing amounts of oxygen from their photosynthetic way of making a living.And now, some billion years after those early … Continue Reading ››

Go Fish

fish670I would never have thought it possible: I have gone--what?--maybe twenty years since the last time I held a fishing pole.Growing up southern and outdoorsy, there were not many weeks go by I did not either go or desperately long to go fishing.In this theatrical pondside image from our recent Missouri trip, I have just caught my umpteenth hybrid bluegill on a bare hook. All together, they might have weighed a pound. Where were those 3 pound catfish we fed in that same pond the day before?
I once had the opportunity … Continue Reading ››
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