TIME and a World of Change ~ Part I

Static shot of animated wind patterns by way of windytv.com
Static shot of animated wind patterns by way of windytv.com. Click image to go there and see it live.
I am a child of the age of Disneyland, and my brain's view of time was permanently altered by what I saw there for the first time.Sunday nights, home in front of the round-screen television set (the size of a major appliance), my favorite Disney programs--the nature specials--looked at the planet's places and animals. There were creatures and parts of the … Continue Reading ››

The Honesty of Insects

img_7042wheelbug800They are never duplicitous or deceitful. They are not envious of more powerful or attractive members of their group nor do they seek more creature comforts than is their hardwired destiny.They may stink or sting, buzz and bump their wee-brained heads against the ceiling or windowpane and die to leave their moldy carcasses in the dark corners of our lives.But they never run for office.This particular specimen offered itself for portraiture at the edge of a Floyd Country Store window this week. It is commonly called a "wheel bug"--a true bug of … Continue Reading ››

Out of Chaos, Order

p1010502circumferential800Structure--even frail and fragile and failing structure--seems preferable to sudden and complete disorder. The center does not hold. The old logic is suddenly devoid of common understanding. Change for its own sake yields a horrible tsunami of ambiguity and chaos where we could once see our way to the next thing.I'm staring at this sun-through-the-pines image from a rest stop somewhere in Kentucky on Sunday, looking for what it might say to me in yet another hour of traction-less spinning in the sand of current events.And I think about a conversation last … Continue Reading ››

Post-election Phantom Limb Pain

phantom-limb-800I am grappling with the new and unsettled and unsettling feelings I have this morning, the first back in my writing place since the Day After, and just the other side of more than 24 hours on the road. Back, at last, to the familiar comforts of my own desk, bed and view of the setting Supermoon just out my window.But something is missing in the morning blackness, a peaceful time of day when I am usually overflowing with words. There is nothing today but a vacuum. No light. No sound. … Continue Reading ››

Clockwork Orange:

"Lord make me a bird, so I can fly far. Far far away."
"Lord make me a bird, so I can fly far. Far far away."
The only similar feeling of horror and sadness and disbelief that I feel this morning was when Ronald Reagan won in 1980.Reagan was an actor, a pretender and an environmental despot who vowed to turn back a decade of gains since the first Earth Day--hard-won victories brought about largely by America's young people,  to ensure the health of the planet’s air and water, forest and fisheries that … Continue Reading ››

Photos and Front Porch Musing from Floyd County Virginia