Mist, Dew, Fog: Rain’s Gentle Cousins

There have not been a lot of rose-smelling pauses around here lately. And I'm most of the time not knowing whether to scratch my watch or wind my butt, as some unnamed fellow-southern-person famously said.It has been (blessedly) rainy here of late and we're about to catch up with the deficit for the year. Some of it has come as frog-choking downpours. Some as gentle day-long mist.The heavy-fog gentle drizzles leave a different signature on the land and vegetation than the heavy drops that come like buckets poured from heaven.One of those signatures of mist or heavy dew overnight is this tinsel … Continue Reading ››

Embracing the Information Age

We have, until now, lived in a dual-technology household.I am attracted to new tools and ways of finding, saving and retrieving information.She is at best indifferent.And so it was with no small thrill and pride that I came into our kitchen just yesterday to discover that she has made an important step in the directions towards which I have been encouraging her and attempting to lead her.She has moved to dual monitors.And there is hope.

End of the Age: A Splendidly Disturbing Time

We toured the 31 outdoor wooden "sculptures" in a distant Floyd County field with both our imaginations and the creating artist's names and a brief hint at explanations about each piece staged over a half mile winding trail.The one pictured here is called the "Harvester" and the artist, Charlie Brouwer, explains it this way.Charlie says "While mowing the grass one day, I realized that in a way, I was harvesting it. Later I read a parable about harvesting. Jesus explained it by saying "The  harvest is the end of the age and the angels are the harvesters."I decided I'd … Continue Reading ››

Waters Below. And Beyond.

From start to finish, horizontal fracturing (fracking) is a last-gasp means of making money at the cost of water.Every deep-well extraction requires up to 7 million gallons of water (combined with a cocktail of some 500 chemicals). A single well can be fracked up to 18 times. 18 x 7,000,000 x the number of existing wells plus the new ones that have to go in every day to take the place of the wells that have already stopped producing.That's water that once was useful for human and animal drinking, for crop irrigation, for making the family meal. Not any longer, … Continue Reading ››


I think I had something to say on perspective but I lost mine before I could get it down.Somehow I ended up at If you use gmail, might want to give your google records a good look. Under RECENT ACTIVITY/View all Events, and having received no alerts from Google whatsoever, I find a log-in to my gmail account from Washington DC less than a week ago. Weren't me.So if someone successfully logged into my account, I have to assume they had my password.So whatever perspective I had and at an hour past and wanted to share has left the building. Having … Continue Reading ››
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Photos and Front Porch Musing from Floyd County Virginia