Slow Road Home

Author’s Note Slow Road Home

You will find a few moments of pleasant reading in this book, I trust. More than this, it is my hope that as you look out at my world through my eyes, you will come to know the “Ah, Aha, and Haha” realities in your own life. Looking through this lens at the terrain of your daily life may offer clarity and depth to your seeing, to your understanding and to your caring for the places and people in your own local habitat.   It’s a risky business exposing one’s thoughts and fears, memories and hopes … Continue Reading ››

Earth Day: We Couldn’t Stay Here Without You

April 22, 1970.None of the students I spoke to recently could tell me the year of the first Earth Day. After all, some of their parents weren't even born yet. Those young people had no historical context of the event, had no sense of what lead up to that important day.And yet, it was largely the energy and passion and concern of people their age 44 years ago that propelled Earth Day into a global event now celebrated every year in more than 100 countries.The roots of passion and zeal that lead to that first April 22 event were many. … Continue Reading ››

Frozen Peas: Thousands Die Young

I have been feeling the pain these past few well-below-freezing April mornings knowing what our local vegetable farmers are suffering at the hand of winter that won't give it up.Thousands of tender sets and sprouts in long rows, the results of hours of back-bending work and tedium, lay limp and lifeless in the cold soil this morning--AGAIN.Native plants have evolved in place and are more-or-less adapted to late frosts and freezes. Our food crops, OTOH, are bred for color or firmness of fruit or shipping tolerance or shelf life and their genes are more likely tropical by history. They don't … Continue Reading ››

Intramural Murine Mortality

Pardon my alliterative exuberance. This phrase is simply a fancy way of describing what we've just seen here at our house. Or I should most certainly say SMELLED.We live in a place with miles and miles of forests around us. The wildlife was here first and our shelter is their shelter. I can't blame them for wanting to get in out of the rain and cold. I'm just happy that only certain of our faunal co-inhabitants are small enough to live--and die--in our walls.Small comfort to learn that not a few of our friends and neighbors have had … Continue Reading ››

Tab A in Slot B: Getting my Shop Together

So as of yesterday, I now have full inventory of all 25 notecards. It took about a month longer than I thought it would.Anything that could go wrong, pretty much did, but ended up being a small ripple on the larger pond. And all of this kerfuffle is really just up-front disorder and static that goes with any new undertaking never tried before. Nothing ventured…What I have learned so far is that just because people have been enthusiastic about the cards in person does not mean they will find them online and scoop them off the digital shelves … Continue Reading ››
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