Friday Creature Feature

IMG_4780netwingBeetle480Banded Net-winged Beetle.One of those beasties I've identified only to have folks in the nature hike etc. ask "but what GOOD is it?" You can't eat'em. You can't smoke'em. So what good are they? Your answer would be: _______IMG_0635caterpillar480And this caterpillar is unidentified only because I don't have the time this morning to do it. So if anybody knows or is curious to explore for a name, please share.

Field Friend: iPhone

chinkapins480Just got back from her regular and my sometimes early morning walk around the "middle road" above Nameless Creek.As usual, I took my pocket camera (Powershot G7X) but never took it out of that storage location. My "phone" OTOH was used to take audio and typed field notes, collect a number of still and video images (of a flock of passing grackles) and record 30 seconds of audio ambient nature sounds.I have to confess, this little wafer of silicon and glass is a handy assistant in the relative wild of Goose … Continue Reading ››

Giving and Getting Back: Sustainability

First before I forget: Let me remind you to join us at 6pm tonight at the Community Market for the annual Pot Luck Membership Dinner. If you're not a member but are interested, or just want to come be a part of the evening and learn what's happening now and in the future with the organization, do come.My small part of tonight's program includes a two minute brief on a potentially important new program now in "working group" status. It has variously been called the communications or the creative working group.It arose out of a recognition of the untapped creative … Continue Reading ››

Floyd Arts Dialogue September 18th

All are Invited to Floyd Arts Dialogue to Discuss: What Role Does Art Play in STEM?STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. There has been much recent debate in educational circles from elementary to graduate levels to explore ways in which these vital disciplines can be better integrated with the practical outcome of equipping American students to solve real-world problems.Will we better train the "hard" disciplines to create effective collaborative solutions to problems present and future if the artist's way of sensing the world, of thinking and creating is part of the science-and-tech mix?So the debate is STEM vs STEAM. … Continue Reading ››

Butternut Woolyworm

This mass is about an inch across.
I won't even bother making this a "name this creature" post. It's not likely that anyone would have seen this exact configuration of living matter, though the small wooly aphids come close in superficial appearance.This mass of waxy filaments was peeking out from under the back side of a leaf on a volunteer walnut sapling near the back door.It took some sleuthing to figure it out. The living, moving mass, on closer inspection, appeared to be a caterpillar-- the larva of a … Continue Reading ››
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