Man: Hi. On Grass

IMG_0208HighONgrass480Sorry. It was too windy for close-ups and too contrasty in the late morning to avoid deep shadows so this character (next to the RdD2 looking bell post) was the only subject I could find.Rumor is he didn't inhale.

Alternative Energy: Business as Usual. With Less Carbon.

IMG_0228EnergyModel1_480I'm looking at the party-line storybook future, and it seems that they all lived happily ever after!It's a win-win.¬† Big Carbon gets to stay in the game for another generation by offering a golden "natural gas bridge" to a better future for mankind and the planet. For our sakes, they will drill baby drill any blessed (or cursed) place on earth til the last drop. And we should thank them for fracking us into tomorrow. (Or maybe not.)The ALT folks ramp up, best they can, without much love from … Continue Reading ››

Global Sea Ice Levels Defy Alarmists | The Daily Caller

'Where's the media coverage?'
Source: Global Sea Ice Levels Defy Alarmists | The Daily CallerNever heard of this site until the past few days, now it turns up everywhere. As I suspected, Daily Caller is a libertarian conservative mouthpiece.You can guess they are getting generous contributions from the well-healed far-right ideologues to insure that the US continues with biz as usual that has soaked the top tier corporateers who like things just the way they are.Spin at work. Just so you'll be aware.

Mountaintops Removed, Family Plots Left. Sort of.

The rate of mountaintop removal mining may have slowed in the U.S., but the practice is still encroaching on many Appalachian communities.Mountaintop Removal Is Encroaching On Communities In Appalachia | ThinkProgress Firefox, Today at 8.25.10 AMSource: Mountaintop Removal Is Encroaching On Communities In Appalachia | ThinkProgress
And some say Mountaintop Removal runs roughshod over human community and well-being? Well just look at this example of honoring the dead. The article does not say if the mining company provides ladders for graveside services.This makes me a little queasy. The Mortuary of Mordor.
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