Your Dying Words to the World

What would they be? How would you face the known and near end of your life in a letter to the future?If you are young, you are immortal or at least oblivious. If you have reached the age of putting away childish things--such as the denial of a last day on Earth--then you might find Oliver Sach's contemplation of his impending death from metastatic liver cancer offers well-reasoned perspectives when the time comes for you to write your own letter to the future.I have admired the man's life for some years as a scientist, doctor and writer. Now I continue … Continue Reading ››

Bless the Beasts and the Children

You may remember the lyrics from the song made popular by the Carpenters. The lyrics come to mind, painfully to an aging BoZo (part botanist, part zoologist) as I witness the winking out in my lifetime the extinction of life on Earth.And we scarcely seem to know or care. We trivialize it by calling it "a loss of biodiversity." For some, it is the most egregious, blasphemous form of hubris, and perhaps the greatest irreplaceable and tragic consequence--so far--of the same economic dragon that has brought us today's and tomorrow's climate chaos.Certainly it has always been that the rise of … Continue Reading ››

Paint it Black: Our Arctic Sun Visor is Failing

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 8.17.04 AMWhen and if spring ever arrives, we will have to go out and roll down the windows a half hour before we leave for town. From late March through early November, as you know full well, it just gets too darned hot inside a closed car with the windows rolled up. Sometimes you can’t even touch the steering wheel.A closed car makes a good heat trapper because the windshield lets solar radiation in, which is absorbed by the interior of the car, and then that heat … Continue Reading ››

The Dog Ate My Environmental Impact Study

So I’m reading about a bill, the Natural Gas Pipeline Permitting Reform Act, that puts a time limit of a year on FERC to approve a proposal for a gas pipeline.And I’m reading the last bit of the quote below thinking heck, maybe this is a step in a logical direction. So I expected if all those various required environmental impact studies mentioned in the first bit quoted below are NOT completed within that one year window, then the project proposal will logically be REJECTED.Imagine my mock-astonishment when instead I read the word ACCEPTED. What was I thinking! These are Republicans, … Continue Reading ››

Certain Unalienable Rights. Maybe.

The noon "action" in Floyd yesterday brought the hardies out into the cold wind to advocate for a voice in what happens to the places we call home. I was one of several representatives from the counties at the gathering to offer a  statement at the press conference upstairs in the Floyd Country Store.  Find some media links at the end of this post. -- FredFloyd County citizens were alarmed when the Mountain Valley Pipeline seemed likely to lay a long scar across the places we hold dear, threatening our water, the value and full enjoyment and use … Continue Reading ››
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Photos and Front Porch Musing from Floyd County Virginia