The Sky is Falling. And It’s Your Fault

The house of cards known as the western economy is teetering precariously. The gusts are coming from all directions against an edifice built on speculation, greed, hype and corruption. There will be winners and losers. But the "warmists" will likely get the blame.
The fracking boom is in big trouble. Increasing resistance to production and delivery is the least of the industry's worries (and I'm not saying that resistance should let up one bit!)Fields are failing, production volumes struggle to stay up. The industry is over-hyped, over-sold and over-valued. And the price of  competing energy sources has dropped to rock … Continue Reading ››

How Not To Boil a Frog

I was remembering recently an adult object lesson one of my parents taught me long ago. In the way of many moral lessons we learn as children, the physiological facts of the tale are flawed but the point is nevertheless worth heeding. It is that we can slip into bad circumstances by degrees, so slowly that we don’t even notice the slide until we’re in too deep to pull ourselves out.The main character in the story as I was told it was your average everyday frog. In a pot. You probably know where this is heading. The water at first … Continue Reading ››

Consider the Lily

IMG_3742turksLilyPodsFlower480Consider the lily, how it grows. It toils not, neither does it spin. And yet Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed as one of these.Something like that. It comes to mind after a misspent hour becoming anxious, angry and perplexed at the state of the world.And yet, life goes on. I have to remember that. I should change my early morning habits, and not first thing  check email, follow updates or read the news. I should put off such "spinning" until noon. Remember the lily. Think first on these … Continue Reading ››

Life on the Other Side

It is like coming up for air after a month submerged in holiday busyness. Finally, the first business day after New Years, and things start to resume the usual schedule of meetings and events in Floyd.OTOH, not exactly usual, as a number of local businesses close down in January during the off-season, a fact that makes Mondays in Floyd more of a ghost town than usual.Meanwhile, we walk our walks and haul wood, and today, prep for the numbing cold expected for mid-week during which it will be full time work just keeping the house warm enough for the one … Continue Reading ››

Good Will Toward Earth

I pulled out my trifold scrap paper scratch pad that is always with me. The Earth had just moved under my feet in the middle of a church service, and I had to take note.What had happened is that, once again, I felt the deep sadness of being doomed to failure to see "Peace on Earth, good will toward men" since the last year's advent service. And it came to me:We can't achieve peace on Earth or show true, meaningful and lasting good will toward men if we fail on such a massive and ongoing manner to show good will … Continue Reading ››
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