Webs Laid Low With Pasture Mow

For everything you get, you give up something.We are very happy to have our pasture mowed. But that means that there will be no more spider webs festooned from the tall grasses, dew-covered and bejeweled, backlit by the sun when it finally crests the east ridge.So here, two birds (er, spiders) with one rock: a brief tribute to our web weavers that will return after a few weeks of pasture uprising; and a subject to weave into a little story using a new media tool called Shorthand:social.It really does offer a better photo-essay medium than the tiny width of this … Continue Reading ››

Wasting Away in Margaritaville

WellsParty480This unidentified couple is being sought by the ASPCA for blatant cruelty to animals--here depicted using a crude flame thrower to roast a live lobster in the shell.Making matters worse, they forced a naive, innocent parrot to look on during this gruesome display of wanton disregard for the dignity of the local wildlife on a recent Floyd County evening.Meanwhile, the human wild life probably wound on til the wee hours, while this pair stepped on a pop top and limped on back home.

Built on Rotting Foundations: CyberInsecurity

July09_0124barn_480Now that I've lost you with the very title, let me say as little as possible so as to move onto other things.I've been interested--and concerned--about the fragility of our way of life that, like it or not, has come to depend on the interwebs for commerce, finance, communications, strategic defense and essentially every aspect of life in the more advanced parts of the world.The latest buzz is on the legitimate need for increased cybersecurity with a long list of corporate and governmental and utility hacks gaining entry (and stealing data … Continue Reading ››

One Man’s Junk: Info-Hoarding

I confess to being a hoarder. My wife would say that my desk offers ample piled-higher-and-deeper evidence of that claim, but I actually need just so much disordered STUFF around me to make my mind seem like a relatively organized place by comparison.The hoarding I am admitting to has to do with information. It started when I was a full-time teacher lo those many years ago (when xerox copies were all the rage.) It continued, digitally-enhanced of course, when I became a blogger in 2002 and ramped up a few notches when I went back to teaching a little at … Continue Reading ››

The Worms Crawl In: The Marvel of Death Part One

moleCarrion8480Walking back to the house from where the bear had left his calling card (in yesterday's post), we noticed a commotion on the ground near the bridge over the branch. The ground seemed to be boiling with eyeballs--the dark spots on the white pronotums of broad flat beetles that were relative late-comers to the carcass of a recently-deceased mole.The flies (in an assortment of sizes and shapes--look closely at the larger image linked here) had come first to the feast as they typically do when a creature makes the instant … Continue Reading ››
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Photos and Front Porch Musing from Floyd County Virginia