What Writing Spiders Write

p1010219writingspider-680Whatever it is (if anything more than the zigzag of z's below center stage) they'd better write it quickly and close up shop.The cool damp makes sluggish morning spiders easy enough victims of bird breakfasts that I'd expect to see more wings across the field after a dewy dawn.But then, I wouldn't want to fly head first into a sticky web for a mouthful of spider.Overnight temps into the upper thirties are expected within a week, and smoke will once again curl out of the chimney--off and on, to start--then only … Continue Reading ››

Amphibian Angst

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This red-spotted newt was a reluctant participant yesterday as the thunder rumbled closer and closer.He appeared under the same cluster of Jack'oLantern mushrooms I showed you a few days ago--with another amphibian hiding therein.But to create the shot I wanted, I had to stage the orange vertebrate over and over on the fading orange mushroom and hope to stop the blur of his motion.What I notice looking at the full resolution image is that the tiny black spots that adorn these creatures so familiar to … Continue Reading ››

Meet the Shrooms: A Forest Family

Purple-gilled Laccaria (Laccaria ochropurpurea)
Purple-gilled Laccaria (Laccaria ochropurpurea)
Meet the Shrooms--a couple and their small child (in the middle) that we encountered on the Middle Path after this week's welcome rains.She, gesticulating on the right seems to be pleading with him, on the left, to blahblahblah, while he seems to be...Sorry. Woodland Whimsy strikes the already-deranged and cloistered Forested Firsts.

Photos and Front Porch Musing from Floyd County Virginia