Facing Downstream

At the Threshold
At the Threshold
One of the things I hope to reflect on in this would-be third book (that I sometimes think about and less often actually add material to) is the topic of aging, from a personal point of view of course.I took this image yesterday of Ann at the crossing, following the waters of Nameless Creek as it flows away towards an unseen destination. This might become a possible image for use if one of those passages on growing old and moving on would benefit from a symbolic visual.You … Continue Reading ››

Anniversary Sale: June Only 2-for-1

2booksCoversI hate to admit that I slept through the April 26  tenth anniversary of the birth of Slow Road Home (quite a departure from my usual date-consciousness.) I did have a dope slap moment a few weeks later and decided:I should offer a really good deal so new readers and past readers (who loaned away and lost their copies) can join (or rejoin) the conversation.I have never email-blasted my lists before, so ask your indulgence this week--especially if you are on more than one mailing list--as you find in your inbox the sale announcement that … Continue Reading ››

The Simple Things: Not

IMG_5941pastureDaisy680Why is the month of June always in need of a parallel-universe June so that a person can do all that needs to be done?I think it can be blamed on the longer days, the abundance of weeds, the unplanted seeds, the swarm of calendar events and the rush of joy at finally wearing short sleeve shirts before July comes and you want no shirt at all.Suffice it to say that, despite the simplicity of this image post this morning, life ain't kinda laid back for this country boy.Tomorrow, some indication of … Continue Reading ››

Nature Post #5: Hawkwing Stealth Camo

IMG_5912Moth680Sorry, combining a blog post with a Facebook part of a series of nature shots I promised--one a day for a week, now with a gap while on the road. And lots of gaps in the task list (so yes I'm up before 4a.)And while on the road just yesterday, I stopped at a service station for coffee off I-40 near Hampstead, NC yesterday at 445 a.m. for gas and coffee.You have to realize that every time I get around bright lights in a warm place at night it reminds me of … Continue Reading ››
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