The Future: What Happens in Our Back Yards Today

I woke up this morning wondering what it was I thought about the potential of a 42" x 20 mile long natural gas pipeline across Floyd County. This is not an easy challenge to understand, even from how it settles in just one individual mind, cluttered as it is with opinion, fact, pseudo-fact, bias and the hope for clarity.So as I often do in these moments of muddy personal waters, I just let my fingers find the words. Or at least SOME words. There are thoughts about the notion of compiling written personal … Continue Reading ››

Traveling Hopefully

So I had this notion a month or so back that my experience as teacher, speaker, field trip leader and engaged citizen would mesh nicely before small groups of folks who come to Floyd County lacking any depth to our natural or human communities here.Well, you know about plans. Mr Murphy is always ready to give us a ground in The Way Things Are.If you plan something so well that nothing can go wrong, something will. Before you can do what it is you want to do, you have to do something else first. Everything you want to do takes … Continue Reading ››

Fruitless: Unpollenated Gardens

Finally in the middle of July, our garden is visible above the ground, even from the road some 30 feet away. For the longest time, it seemed like an iceberg--7/8ths below the surface, invisible.Now tomatoes near the tops of their wire cages, and the Delicata squash wrap their tendrils around the cattle-panel walls of the garden, climbing toward the highest wire as it they intend to stay.Floppy yellow flowers open first from the base of the squash vines, and bring the first color other than green--soon to be joined, hopefully, by oranges, yellows and reds of several tomato varieties, should … Continue Reading ››

WordCrafters: Two Dozen Under One Roof

The Radford Library dispel the notion that books and reading are so yesterday.  You can help in this mission. You must!Plan to come for the authors who have given their day to this opportunity to speak with each of you personally about their writing. Come  to hear them read from their work and tell their stories. Come to hear the music, to have lunch and enjoy life under the big top--the authors' tent, rain or shine.If you pass by my table, I will have both of my books, signed; all of the notecard sets; my laptop with a multimedia photography show; and … Continue Reading ››

Maple, Dreaming

There lives this one tree to which I have bonded, this maple--outside the window over my desk, just beyond the green mailbox. It is deeply rooted in my life.It stands for all the trees in all the world, an object lesson I can see, smell and taste: we make syrup in the early spring from its sap. Its constancy is reassuring in a world of change.This always will not always be. The maple will remain--only for a time; I will move on before.And so I made a point not long ago to pull up a chair at the edge of the dirt road … Continue Reading ››
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Photos and Front Porch Musing from Floyd County Virginia