Aural Unknowns: What’s That Sound?

Click image to hear morning birds and creek songs via SoundCloud
I just noticed last night- -though it had probably been ramping up for a week or more--that the insect noises out our back door were deafening after dark. I came back in for my iPhone to record a snippet but got distracted and never finished the task. But I will.And I'll post it here to share yet another vignette of life as it happens in my particular time and place. Not many readers click links like that, … Continue Reading ››

Stories About Stories or Not

Storm image from Huffville Road, 2015_08_05
Storm image from Huffville Road, 2015_08_05. Click image to see a short "visual story."
Thirteen years ago this week I had been blogging for three months, and instant publishing was all fresh and enlivening. My HERE and my WHO were unknown but apparently of some interest to others who would become regular Fragments readers. I had a very few visitors then (how on earth did they find me?) who wanted to see more and hear more. I was soon labeled as a … Continue Reading ››

We Really Don’t Know Clouds At All

I'm sure I had another post topic in mind before I checked my Google News Alerts. Stupid thing to do if you have any interest at all in maintaining focus. I did not maintain.One of my searches is for news for "cybersecurity." While I'm not a coder or hacker, I'm an end-user. I'm a participant (mostly enthusiastic but with serious concerns) in the techno-commercial use of digital technology to run a civilization.I'm deeply invested in web technology both at home and on the road. The "cloud" has made it so much easier to save and share and retrieve information--and gobs … Continue Reading ››

Photos and Front Porch Musing from Floyd County Virginia