Long Shots: Creatures from Afar

Okay. Two really bad pix this morning but it's all I got.IMG_6371FeatherFromSpaceFirst, I wanted both of you who might be interested to know that The Google has made significant improvements in the quality of images it will show you in satellite view on Google Maps or from Google Earth.Read more about that here.The (iPhone screenshot) image above shows (look closely) our white-ish perpetual-visitor neighbor-dog Feather rounding the bend of the pasture road. Our hay was mowed a month ago. So this is recent and the detail is much sharper than … Continue Reading ››

Chicken Whisperer

chickenWhisperer350It's not that I don't like the animal called CHICKEN. It is just that I thought we could live contentedly without them to tend to. I certainly could. She certainly could not.And so, since I only seem to hold 49% (or less) in this corporation, we have chickens. And so having them to cluck after on an hourly basis (I watch, she clucks) I have to make the best of it and enjoy the zoology if not the husbandry of herding chickens.We obtained these from some neighbor-friends. We have five young … Continue Reading ››

Floyd Town at Night

Today is one of those days that He Who Hesitates is Hot.Better get out to the garden while the soil is not saturated and the air is only 85% so. Gonna be a hot one, but we've been blessed with relative cool so far this summer.The daily rainstorms (whose excesses have largely missed us in Goose Creek) do make for some nice towering cumulus. We mostly can't seem them here in the valley as they rise at the base of the Blue Ridge escarpment in Stuart, Ferrum or Boone's Mill to the south.But this one down near Martinsville was evident on … Continue Reading ››

Flights of Fancy

So once again I've let myself get immersed in virtual distraction--though I tell myself it's educational, and therefore okay and not, after all, a waste of time.It is related to my deep fascination with the surface of this planet--likely the only one I will know at all well in this lifetime.And so when I stumbled somehow across FlightRadar24.com's real-time flight tracking web resource, I was in for the better part of an hour.First amazement is the sheer number of winged metal tubes in the airspace over the US. [ I remember now that I got to the site from a … Continue Reading ››


It is true that the tomatoes are leggy and the peppers not a deep dark green as they should be. They seem to be telling me that they are in short supply of something--and probably on or all of N, P and K.I have a long list of excuses--and some reasons--why our garden is anemic this year. But I'll save the whining and move right to one possible partial solution.For the P, I recommend pee.I still have the Starbucks cappuccino bottle on the working shelf in the garden shed but have not used it thus far. I'm about the correct … Continue Reading ››
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