Their Tomorrow: It’s All Up in the Air

2015-04-15-061321-WorldBall480Our eldest grandchild, Abby, is in the 8th grade now. I was in the same grade in 1962. I marvel at how much life on Earth has changed since then--not just human lives but the state of all life on the planet.Amazing, the degree of change our one species has caused in the geological blink of an eye is comparable in magnitude only to the shifts between eras caused by colliding continents, super-volcanic millennia or massive meteors slamming into Earth.My generation has created profound ecological distress on multiple fronts--air, soil, forest, … Continue Reading ››

Yellow Adders Tongue, or…

2015-04-14-082026-1speckledTrout450...Trout Lily. And there are other common names as well for this familiar if short-lived flower of spring we find along Nameless Creek.It blooms about the time trout season opens; its leaves have a speckled pattern like native trout (if there were any of those left in Nameless or Goose Creek.) So those facts might have contributed to the common name.It does have edible tubers--if you're willing to dig way way deep in the black and often rocky soil where they grow--often besides trout streams--like Goose Creek used to be before … Continue Reading ››

BloodRoot: Getting Antsy

2015-04-10-100851-1Bloodroot480Bloodroot is one of the first to bloom among the spring wildflowers that emerge in April along our walking path. It appears too in patches on the way to the hardtop. And yet I have few images of it that do it justice.I was whining about the fact that almost always, this lovely plant grows up through the visual clutter of leaf litter. No matter how showy the flower is, the background is busy and plain in shades of gray and brown.No sooner had I offered my lament than I … Continue Reading ››

Entering the Ecozoic: The Work of Thomas Berry

I knew of Father Thomas Berry of course, and bought Dream of Earth back when it was a new book in 1988. Frankly, I had not read it. I will now.I have used one of this man’s quotes as part of my “visual essay” media presentations. It states that...“The universe is not a collection of objects but a community of subjects.” That is one not easily unpacked, but worth the effort another time.His wider message, as an “eco-theologian” as he has been called, is that we have not fully appreciated the Christian story by our indifference to the vitality of … Continue Reading ››

Forest, Undressing

2015-04-09-120730-1_fungi450The bark from this dead and rotting tree sagged down around the tree's base like an overstretched sock around an Entling's ankles. Long ago were gone its branches, leaves and twigs, so that not much was left to show for a long life but a few mushrooms.Even so, the forest decomposers are not without their own art and grace, returning dust to dust.Click the image to see larger.
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