What Color Is This Mushroom?

In Alabama, we'd say it was ray-ud.All I know is that on an overcast chilly day last week, it was dazzling in its contrast to an otherwise lifeless monochrome forest floor already starting to get its carpet of fallen leaves.This lovely fall fungus is known by some as scarlet hood or scarlet wax cap.We call it that ray-ud one that comes up on the middle path in the late summer when the leaves begin to fall.

Flowing, Together

I've always liked the word "confluence" for the fact that, if I could see  and hear through the wall in front of me, I'd experience the joining music and rush of Goose Creek where it merges with Nameless Creek.Both of "our" creeks are jump-across-able streams alone; together they gain breadth and depth, power and voice.So I woke up this morning with a gentle rain on the metal roof overhead and have been spinning over and over this notion of flowing together.  It is uncertainties and ideas, fears and hopes of my neighbors that are coming together now in an exciting, bewildering, … Continue Reading ››

Our Water Future: The Floyd Story

Come join our community at the premier showing of a newly released, independent documentary about Floyd County’s precious water resources.  The film titled “To the Last Drop” was created and filmed right here in Floyd, and features some of our local landowners and water experts.Fred First, Mark Sowers, Jeff Walker, Mark Grim, Lydeanna Martin, Dennis Dove and Jane Cundiff are featured in the movie;  Bernie Coveney provided the background instrumental music.Professional videographers from Virginia Tech, Chris Risch and Grazia Apolinares produced this poignant 43-minute movie that is not only educational but visually and emotionally inspirational.This premier showing will be presented for FREE at the … Continue Reading ››

Natural Gas: The Bridge is OUT

Naomi Oreskes is known to me from the brilliant Merchants of Doubt on the truth-management practices "from tobacco to global warming." As she considers our energy future,  if we continue down the path we're on,  she says we follow a "Green Bridge to Hell." I think she's spot on with that conviction.I've had this dope-slap realization that the same folks behind horizontal fracturing's economics, "science" and the proliferation of fracked wells being forced on landscapes and communities across the east are the same folks who paid for their own scientists who told us cigarettes were really good for us.The current natural gas truth-spinners … Continue Reading ››

And I Live to Tell

Against the same smudged window out of which the Gollum gazed, a pedestaled two-dimensional mummified cat cast a terrible silhouette against the gray sky beyond.

Was this a totem to ward off cat-kind, or a monument to celebrate them--in a most peculiar and macabre fashion? The prominent display of this flattened fauna appeared almost like a work of art.IMG_3047CATacombs670
But wait! As I turned with no small apprehension to take my leave of this inexplicable place, it flashed before … Continue Reading ››
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Photos and Front Porch Musing from Floyd County Virginia