The POINT of a Hundred Points of Light

I really must take control of the morning coffee-browse, because it invariably sends me off down rabbit trails other than the intentional path I thought I was going to take, and really should have gotten right on, first thing.This 2 minute performance here falls into the SuperBowl Halftime Show Glitter and Tinsel category for visual hyperbole and self-promotion on the part of Intel.They supplied and software-power and choreographed the hundred light-bearing drones. In the end, it was all about them, and as I watched mesmerized, I saw too that this is a harbinger of LIVING ADS and SKY … Continue Reading ››

More Hard Cold Facts

commonCold250Since my post a few days ago, I've been in "discussion" with the wife who has certain, er, understandings of what we must do this side of my germ state.She has advocated for disinfection--short of threatening to burn all my infected bed clothes, but only barely. The possibility of industrial-strength sterilzation made me do a little more digging. And I was right about some things. And not about others.I was right that you cannot re-infect yourself from your own toothbrush with the same viruses you just survived. You CAN … Continue Reading ››

Hand Over Your Mouth

Adenoid hypertrophy
Adenoid hypertrophy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So this is day four. And I awake mostly free of symptoms--just as I had hoped and expected after my first common cold in some years.And I have tried to think where and from whom I might have received this viral menace. I make an attempt to be mindful of shaking hands with people who are unwell and likewise to wash my hands when they have been exposed to public handrails, door knobs, table tops and the like.But I'm … Continue Reading ››

Weather Deviants

VaNorms480So we come to the end of what has seemed to be a wet year in Floyd County. Not a record breaker here, but a good bit of a standard deviation from the norm.We're thankful the fractured rock reservoirs that hold our water are full to capacity. Springs and streams should flow all winter and into spring.But if you want to put your weather into national context (find your state norms here) and compare your local normals (1981 - 2010 average) to this year's figures, there are … Continue Reading ››
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