Diversity: Rock Castle Gorge

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Rock Castle Gorge was one of the first places I explored after becoming a biology teacher at Wytheville Community College in 1975.A friend at Tech (previously from Auburn) had heard about it as a botanical destination. I drove over from Wythe County passing through "downtown" Floyd early on a Saturday morning. Talk about your sleepy rural village.A friend and I made a casual mile walk down and back along the severely-washed out trail (in some obvious places) and accumulated a couple of dozen … Continue Reading ››

Spring Has (re)Sprung

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With apologies to fretful orchard owners who saw many of their flowering trees go in the past few days from bloom to bust, it looks hopeful now that we will have a week or two of "seasonal" spring weather before the next GOTCHA freeze.And so the wildflowers have gotten the message that the coast is clear. Mayapples are popping up everywhere; and toothwort and Hepatica.And the Yellow Dogtooth Violet a.k.a Trout Lilies are as consistently large and vigorous as we've … Continue Reading ››

WOTD: Agnotology

It means "the study of the intentional spreading of ignorance" and it's getting new usage more and more often in our times by people that Naomi Oreskes has called "the Merchants of Doubt." Now there's a name for what they do so well.From the BBC.com article "The Man Who Studies the Spread of Ignorance."tomato"Proctor had found that the cigarette industry did not want consumers to know the harms of its product, and it spent billions obscuring the facts of the health effects of smoking. This … Continue Reading ››
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