GPS Down: Lost is Space. Time. And Money

Developed by the military, GPS is everywhere. We depend on it for military, civilian and commercial tracking of cargo ships, cars, trains, orbiting satellites of all stripes, and items easily geo-tagged with a trackable chip.A moving lattice of 31 GPS satellites orbit the earth at about 12.000 miles such that at any one time, something like Google Maps can read your position by 6 or more satellites to triangulate your position, speed and direction of travel. Unless...What was vastly complex, expensive and rare--jamming or spoofing GPS signals--today is simple, cheap and common. And increasingly dangerous to a world become dependent … Continue Reading ››

Sudden Onset Dementia: Could It Be Lyme?

It might be trivial. It might produce only an itchy spot or  symptoms that are brief and go away entirely. Or a tick bite could change your life in terrible ways for a long, long time.And worse, almost 70% of those who get Lyme disease from a tick bite go undiagnosed. Or if treated, they may be getting subclinical results from insufficient antibiotic treatment.It’s hard to know the facts, but one fact is that we don’t have all the facts. We have underestimated and often failed to detect the reservoir of pathogens a single tick can inject, and have misunderstood … Continue Reading ››

Parable of A Paradise Lost

Once there was a man who lived on the island of Pangea. The man owned two head of cattle, one bull and one cow. But he owned no land on which to pasture them.But as fortune would have it, through no merit of his own, he was approached by a vastly rich landowner and given charge over a pasture of immense size--so seemingly limitless that the man would never worry over the boundaries of it.He was allowed to use this fertile and well-watered land for his own purposes, with these two requirements from the one to whom the land belonged: … Continue Reading ››

Hitched to Everything Else

My point was to say, at the beginning of something I thought I was going to write about this morning that, when I sit down to write about the importance of x, I find I can’t go on until I explore its relationship to a-through-zed.It’s nigh impossible to tease any single fact or observation apart from its context in time and space, its place along the continuum in the history of human knowledge. There are no lone truths.Any given bit of data, then, as I try to focus, becomes the object of another track of discovery. And that,  of yet another … Continue Reading ››
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