The Bad Luck of the Alleghenies: What’s Under the Ground

There was once a wide shallow life-filled sea that filled the bowl to the west of the Crystalline Appalachians—as the Blue Ridge geology is sometimes described. The area is now known as the Cumberland or Allegheny Plateau of the Central Appalachian Basin. Along with the Ridge and Valley Province from Pennsylvania to Alabama, the region's bedrock consists of sedimentary strata laid down like a two-thousand foot thick layer cake.When continents collided a few hundred million years ago, it lifted the ancient Blue Ridge higher still and rucked up the Fold-Fault mountains of the Ridge and Valley layer cake that have … Continue Reading ››

Seeing the End: What Would You Say?

After a night on the futon to distance my contagion from the wife, I've admitted at the end of four days of symptom creep that I probably have a cold--nothing more than that, most likely. It has been a couple of years since the last one, so I should not whine too much.I was miserable in the wee hours as my chest ached and the in-the-dark impromptu bed clothes failed to keep my bare feet covered. In my unsleeping misery I wondered if this might be “the big one." Actuarially speaking, the odds go up each year in this time … Continue Reading ››

You (Don’t) Need a Thneed

Or...The Lorax Continues to Blog for the Trees.I (sort of) apologize for my blog mood-swings of late (as in the past five years.) It makes me feel better learning that I’m not the only one who has come to feel out of relationship with the medium and its former audience, and not certain how to go on.Like me, others have said that as long as they are talking knitting or kitties, the readership stays on board. But as soon as they move to life-relevant, urgent, very personal, gut-level and more weighty matters--far more important than dropping a stitch or Fluffy … Continue Reading ››

Living on Earth Vs Planet Winter

Winter is a kind of semi-suspended hibernation. The days are short. Many are drismal and brisky and not pleasant or even tolerable for the kinds of outdoor things you do on a less inhospitable planet.Maybe it is that deprivation of lifeforms for the long months of winter tht makes me giggle to see a video creature-feature like this one--that, and the incredible macro-tracking of things smaller and odder than most of what you see by way of the camera lens in motion very near the ground or up in the trees. How did they do that!By all means, go to full … Continue Reading ››

Traveling Youth Tour Floyd This Week

Floyd County is hosting two dozen students from St Joseph's University in Philadelphia who are participating in the ApEx (Appalachian Experience) and Voluntours work-travel programs. They will be here all week, ending with a Friday night in Floyd.During their time here they will visit/work at Plenty, Riverstone, Seven Springs, Spikenard, BRCCM and more, while housed and fed at the Floyd Ecovillage.If you see these energetic, courteous and engaging young folks about, do extend to them a big portion of Floyd Love. I have warned them: "Floyd is a huggy place. Don't be surprised! if you hold your hand out and … Continue Reading ››
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