Busy Week Ahead: Patrick Holden 10th Movie 12th

And we need your help as a volunteer!  And hope you'll look forward to being in the audience for the speaker and the  movie on these nights.More about the free Patrick Holden event on Nov 10.FedUpMovie_480Message from Jackie Crenshaw, SustainFloyd President:Dear FriendsThanks to all of you who have responded to our requests for help at the Tuesday, November 10 event at the Floyd EcoVillage. We are truly excited to have Patrick Holden address the community here in Floyd, and for the opportunity to hear about his efforts in … Continue Reading ››

Hand to Mouth: A Risky Business

Screen Shot 114With friends and relatives in hospitals this month, I paid attention to this figure I saw recently: Nearly 2 million Americans per year develop hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), resulting in 99,000 deaths – the vast majority of which are due to antibacterial-resistant pathogens.If antibiotics are no longer our best defense against microbes once they have entered our bodies, we will just have to keep them out.And it's a little embarrassing to say that the modern way to do that is the very old-fashioned habit of washing our hands. Keeping … Continue Reading ››

The Buck Stops Here

IMG_4934deerHunter480You'll note that I have protected the anonymity of the hunter as well as taking the precautionary measure of doing the same to the deer, so as to avoid any legal actions by relatives of the deceased.I can count on the fingers of one hand then number of times we've been surprised by another human voice on our trails. Then, generally, it's a predictable neighbor who has a long tradition of using the "New Road" down from his end of Goose Creek Gorge to access Goose Creek Run for the next … Continue Reading ››

Autumn Leaves: Still. Life.

IMG_0724magnolia_C480My digital photo experience began in April 2002 with the Nikon CoolPix 950 swivel-model camera--a whopping 2 MB shirt-pocket miracle.Among my half dozen favorite images from that first year of blogging with images was a shot of water drops on a magnolia leaf along the "New Road." The subtle colors, the lines of the leaf, the brilliance of the beaded raindrops was, to me, deeply beautiful.So when we set out on our walk yesterday after a couple of days of heavy sprinkles, I began to notice that we were at just … Continue Reading ››

The Writing Life: The Golden Years

Goose Creek Sunrise, a walk along the creek at first light, local style, two hours after our neighbors up top.
Blog posts anymore are tips of icebergs. I used to try to show it all, top to bottom. Now, the visible tip, if even that, finds its way above water. I miss the writing I used to do that was triggered by the slightest thread of curiosity or zeal.But then, when I was doing that kind of regular daily writing twelve and thirteen years ago, I was home alone … Continue Reading ››
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