Mercury Rising

mercury680You have, perhaps by now, read a story that broke a week or two ago. There are still unanswered questions about the source of several ounces by volume of liquid mercury that a school child innocently brought to his school.Talk about a freak-out. A swarm of hazmat-garbed toxicology agents besieged the school, which is opening back up for classes again just today, to clean up the potential toxin.Now this story is close to my heart, being thankful, in hindsight, that my similar stunt in grammar school back shortly after the end … Continue Reading ››

On Beholding

It's a lovely word: beholding.It expresses seeing beyond the mere perception of light and color, comprehending the deeper realities of the thing seen. It obliges the beholder to a deeper level of discernment than the casual onlooker.It is a central theme to what I am attempting to say now in what might someday be my third book. The notion of beholding just cropped up above the horizon of awareness again this morning, reading a piece that resonates with my own hopes to behold the ecology of Goose Creek and tell that story to others.The "reflection for Earth Day" is authored by … Continue Reading ››

Out of Sight: the Semi-Immortality of Household Waste

clockYou probably have one in your bedroom—a simple digital clock with big illuminated numerals you can read across the room. It consists of some simple mechanical and electrical components, and a box of molded plastic. Big deal.Ours is an over-achiever. It gains a minute every couple of months and is now 14 minutes fast. But in the wee hours, and especially if I need to be up by an exact time, I need to compute 14 minutes less than the clock shows. Or is it 14 minutes more, I wonder, as I … Continue Reading ››
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