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God's Garden

image copyright Fred First

Deary day ahead, so I need to think back to more colorful scenes from the recent past. I don't know why I haven't posted an image from this photoshoot along the Parkway from a least a month ago. But here you go: a wildflower reminder of what a beautiful world we live in. (Click for larger image, where as is the case for landscapes, the small image just doesn't capture enough of the composition's scale and proportion.)

Pictured: red cardinal flower, orange impatiens, deep yellow sneezeweed and goldenrod, white boneset and purple iron weed--planted by no one, for everybody.

(The landscape version will make a handsome print! I'm hoping to offer Fragments images for sale as prints or cards, but then, I'm hoping for a lot of things. We'll see how that works out.)


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