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And So It Goes


I appreciate the Book Note in yesterday's Roanoke Times. And a nice plug about Slow Road by Meredith Sue Willis, a prolific writer I met last summer at Hindman. She reviewed in at her Books For Readers site, and much appreciated.

Meanwhile, the book sits with almost 200 others in the Asheville BR Parkway office, waiting for hiring, maintenance and other Parkway needs to be dealt with before shipping it off to the next stage in this unlikely journey. Book purchases is rather down the list of priorities in a shoe-string bare-bones federal bureacracy, I suppose.

And no word yet from Mabry Mill, where the book was passed along toward a hopeful final positive decision at the resort headquarters in Arizona. The nice lady did say that "since you brought the book by, at least one person has asked for it specifically." That didn't hurt.

LAST CALL! You know you've been putting it off--getting that Father's Day gift for your father and father-in-law (you know your husband will forget and YOU'LL have to take charge!) So, do it today: order your copies of Slow Road Home and get them in the mail by the end of the week. Or, send me an email with dad's address and I'll send it directly with whatever inscription you'd like (within reason, of course.) He'll be glad you remembered him.


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If she is a "prolithic" writer, does that mean her words are carved in stone?

I'm just sayin . . .

Congrats, it was good to read about your book and that you are well. I think I'll buy one for myself, Father's day and all you know. Wasn't sure where you and Ann were living. Farron and I live in Wy. Co., still in Mus'rat, as they say. Your site is great.

From another life (WCC), I remain,
Bill Smith

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