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Thanks, Blogger Friends

I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for your support and encouragement over the past four years, and now, for your enthusiastic interest in Slow Road Home and for the kind words showing up in the blogosphere now and then. Here are a few:

There have been more than a few smiles over the past few days, and it's not about selling something, but about sharing it--with friends not seen in decades who now can "be here" with us through the book. One, it turns out, also has a book. I may say something about that in a separate post tomorrow. I've heard from a blogger friend who left blogging a while back, so that they could write their own book. I've provided books ten at a time, for every family member of another friend. I even sent one yesterday to my high school girl friend, who I recently found and communicated with after many decades of wondering if she was still alive (and you can bet there'd be a heck of a blog post with that one, but don't hold your breath. But then again, I might.)

So, just to let you know: the rewards of this ongoing book project may only reach break-even on the spreadsheet. But it has already given me a bushel basket of satisfaction, smiles, good memories and great hopes for what is to come, increasingly profitable as I am able to share with old friends, new friends and strangers alike these small windows into a life and time that are recorded now between covers. Sappy. But true.


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I'm smiling now too...knowingly.

That's what it's all about. When you reach out and touch others, they usually reach back and touch you!

The monetary end of it wasn't the point of doing it right? The interaction with others over your labor of love is priceless of course:)

Not sappy at all, Fred. That's what we like about you. And I am waiting for the post about the high-school girlfriend....LOL

That's sounds terrific, read about the book (congrats!) from Dave over at Here, there and back, he wrote a post about you.

Why haven't I found you earlier...? Must be that "it's hard to find the tree because of all the woods". There is so many blogs in the blogospehere and I want to scan them all to find the pearls, like yours :-)

I'll be back, defenitely!


No thank you for your wonderful blog))))

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