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Happ'nin Place

And you probably think we sit around and watch the grass grow here in the backwaters of the "real world". Don't you believe it.

What a great gathering--ostensibly, a deck party, but the weather had us peeking from inside at the wonderful deck still waiting for a future summer crowd to christen it properly. The St. Lawrences had an eclectic bunch of folk over to celebrate their safe if not-entirely-unrocky home building and resettlement into the heart of the Floyd landscape and community. Their place looks great, and they are most definitely HOME!

Meanwhile, all is not well in Pleasantville. Even the animals have issues, as this one must have who entered and ransacked our only wireless coffeehouse in downtown Floyd on Monday.


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Fortunately, English Sparrows have not managed to migrate across Australia for the SE, where they were imported, to the Centre.

I read your blog every now and then. We could probably have a good chat around a campfire...

Geez, what is it with deer and windows? There are a couple of reports each year around here of the same sort of thing. Do you think it is the smell of something in the coffee shop that lures them in? (Stupid animals! That would never happen with humans.)

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