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Couple of Things

~ Here's the handy cl1p, the "internet clipboard" utility I use often to store links and swap small files between the laptop and desktop, or between either of these machines and any other computer somewhere else. Bare bones, simple, free and fast.

~ David always has his camera ready, and he snapped a couple at the Bent-but-not-Broken Cafe del Sol yesterday as a few bloggers and blog readers gathered for chat and gab. (There's a sign on the door over the broken glass that says something like "Bambi was here.")

~ I should have included a detailed Table of Contents in the book so a reader could easily go back to a particular one of the 100 vignettes in the book, but I didn't. Second printing (he said with mock confidence)I'll include this list with page numbers. (pdf to your browser) You can print it, of course. Find goofs, let me know. I did this a bit hurriedly.

~ And now, something a little different: Ritual spitting This is the kind of thing that makes me think that people are some of the strangest folks I know.

~ I may be blogging light for a few days through the weekend. But come Monday, if I'm not wrong, I'll have a link to "more than you'd ever care to know" (as Garrison says) about this dog and pony show.


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The list with page numbers wouldn't load for me, Fred.

I have just plugged your book on my site. I hope you gets lots of traffic from it.

Fred, I hope it was okay to steal your photo for my post.

Came by from Kenju's to check out your site :-) I'll stick around some more... lots of interesting reads here :-)

Hi Fred ~~ Just visiting from Kenju and would like to say
Congratulations on the publishing of your book. May it
be the first of many.
Cheers, Merle (in Australia)

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