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Proud Papa

image copyright Fred First

It is, after all, not unlike I have been saying, I thought, only in metaphor. To hold something in the hands so long imagined, embryonic and forming, now finally in the flesh--it is a bit overwhelming. And I am thankful. There are no obvious flaws, and I am proud. It is here, and I am happily sending off the first batch. If you've ordered, it should be heading your way very soon. I look forward to hearing what you think (I think.)


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Looks tasty to me!


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Oh, goody! I cannot wait.

What wonderful news, Floyd. I'll be back to read more later.

Congratulations on the arrival of your new book! Now you are a published author!

The books look absolutely beautiful.

Have a great time promoting and selling them. It may make an interesting change in your lifestyle.


Box blooming - books!!


the harvest's come home, man! my sincerest, warmest CONGRATULATIONS. lovely job.

Can I pick up a copy on Sunday, saving you the shipping?

Having published a few stories myself in the past, I know exactly your feeling of opening a box and seeing the result of your labors. It IS an out-of-body experience! Can't wait to receive my copy. Congratulations, Fred.

Fred, we are thrilled for you and look forward to holding this book in our hands!!

How cool is that?



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