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Blogging, Books and Bedlam

Well, this orta be interesting: a gathering of bloggers, wannabe bloggers, rabid protestors and who knows what else at Cafe del Sol in the heart of downtown Floyd today. Read all about it over on David St. Lawrence's page, as this is his brain-baby. I know of several folks who will be there that I have known by name only, writers and bloggers among them. Why bother even attempting to set the stage for you, as this event will be one of the--and perhaps THE--most widely live-reported events in the history of the county. So tune in to Ripples during the day for all the blow by blow discussion, debate and debauchery (just kidding, I just needed a third "d") that is sure to come.

Meanwhile (which translated, is to say, I'm too lazy to start a separate post)...I had an interesting experience yesterday in the studio of our local public radio station, WVTF. I went to record a couple of little "Friday essays" and was in the studio at the same time as Jim Minick, frequent radio essayist and author of the popular "Finding a Clear Path." He and I had emailed re my book off and on but never seemed to find time to get together. (Jim's speaking and book signing lineup is mind-boggling and scary as I look down the road.) Anyhow, he was in the studio with the headphones on and the "on the air" light lit red when I got there. When he finished, he asked if he could sit in on the recording of my two little piece. Heck, I didn't care. If I was willing to be heard by the radio audience, I guess one more immediate listener couldn't hurt. We stood in the parking lot and talked afterward for almost an hour. Thanks, Jim, for some good contacts--some of which have already borne fruit!

I had a nightmare last night. I was Lucille Ball. In the cake factory. And they just kept coming. Faster and faster they came, at first I could barely keep up and yet they all went in their little boxes, and I saw them moving away in the back of the bakery truck, off to their hungry recipients. Then, some didn't get their cherries on top. The whipped cream was everywhere. They began to pile up on the floor under the conveyor belt, higher and higher. Through the cherry juice and smears of sweet white froth I could see the words: Slow Road Home. And I woke up in a cold sweat. I. Am. An. Idiot. How do I think I'm going to deal with success? Not that it's a imminent threat, but hey, it could happen. And our dining table (a surface held sacred by some wifely types hear-abouts, and never to be violated by my "junk") will become perpetually laden with tape and mailers, books and lists and spreadsheets. Tra-la. I'll worry about that tomorrow.

Did I tell you? I should expect proofs very soon. If there are no major reworkings (and I don't expect any) then the books will ship by April 14! We're already talking about how big (or rather how small) a truck to transfer them to off of the 18-wheeler that brings them from Michigan. No, we don't happen to have a loading dock here at the house. Yes, a power lift would be nice. The books are coming in boxes of 40-something (at 8 oz a book, that's not too heavy a box) and inside they will be shrink-wrapped five per bundle (thanks David for this tip) and stay nice and fresh even in our summer-damp house. So. Do you see the basis for my nightmare? A house full of books. A table full of books. A schedule full of books. I am host to a self-publisher's parasite: his own book! Chill, Fred. It'll work out. Somehow. You'll see.


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You ARE going to let us know when the books arrive, aren't you?

We can stage an impromptu book-signing party on your front porch and blog the entire process!

Will they be available for purchase in our local bookstores?

Once you catch up with your pre-orders, you might find the distribution process fun. I sold my S.O's Old Time CD's for a year (until they were gone), and it was fascinating to hear from music fans from all over the country. I'd never have guessed marketing could be a pleasure, but we were very sorry when we were unable to get more CD's. Good luck!

The closing lines of your post remind me of Thoreau's quip about *his* first book, which he self-published: "I have now a library of nearly nine hundred volumes, over seven hundred of which I wrote myself."

Well, I hope my copy arrives with at least an autograph on it.

How do I order an advance book? I don't want you to end up with a library like Thoreau's. Besides, I might even actually enjoy reading your book as much as I enjoy your blog!

And our dining table (a surface held sacred by some wifely types hear-abouts, and never to be violated by my "junk") will become perpetually laden with tape and mailers, books and lists and spreadsheets.

Sounds like a natural task for the new room...you could have a mailing/processing center built into a wall of shelves/bins/drawers/cubbies with a drop-down table/work surface.

The beauty of it is that it closes and the Missus doesn't have to look at the mess and it has a small footprint into the room. I put one together from the California Closets catalog for a craft/sewing center in our previous home office. It was one of the most useful areas in the house.

A sewing center could easily be melded into the concept if you need to prime the pump. *G*

You can get components at most home improvement centers in a variety of materials and finishes or have a local cabinetmaker/craftsman make one of hardwoods that is more esthetically pleasing to you than prefab.

I'spose you could also convert a handsome old wardrobe, china or storage cabinet from a second hand shop or an auction house...but custom built-in's designed for a specific function always perform better with less mess in the long run.

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