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What's Behind Door Number One?

Image copyright Fred First
A new barn door. Yep, around here, that's a big deal. We wanted to celebrate and show it off, but wife has forbidden me ever to portray her likeness (again) on the blog. So we found this willing lady shopping in the crouton section of the local organic grocery in Floyd and she agreed to pose for us with our dog, in Ann's barn boots, in front of our face-lifted barn. She seemed happy for the work, but grew light-headed when we brought her inside the house--flinching, wincing, having these little seizures every time she looked in a new direction. I guess we overpowered her with country charm, and she left in an awful hurry.


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Ya' never know who you're going to run into in Floyd. Nice door, you may have found even another profession.

We know that's Martha Stuart.

The new "Martha's Free Country" line premiered in K-Mart today. Did you have anything to do with that? No wonder she left in such a hurry!

This is so funny! You did a good job of tweaking that one.

Yeah, "Martha" was a good tweak-job, but my question is, how on earth did you tweak the dog? The long listing tongue, the blank, complascent, "she's strangling me, but look! it's attention!" stare ... Tsuga, of course, is all to regal for such a pose. Nice work, Fred. It looks so real.

I knew that lady looked familiar. What did you do, get Ann to pose for the picture and substitute heads?

Would Martha be caught dead in mud boots?

At first I thought you had her image reversed because I seemed to recall Martha's hair was parted on the other side. I checked that on-line image of her and discovered that I was mistaken.

Good job. I was faked out at first. Just not as sharp as some of the other commenters.

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