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To Hammer a Screw

When I was teaching in the Fall, I made changes to the wiki every day, adding assignments, flagging upcoming tests, loading links of related reading matter (that mostly wasn't read.) Then, I moved away from my academic role, and I haven't accessed the wiki once (that's sort of fun to say). It was an immensely useful, free communications tool when the need required it; now, it is a tool gathering dust until it becomes exactly the right tool for the right job again.

That said, I know not many Fragments readers will ever find a use for such things. But for those few who might, I'd suggest you check out Near-Time, that incorporates both the time-relevance of a blog (its news pages, with comments and trackbacks) and the non-linear usefulness of a wiki, complete with a WYSIWYG editor. It encorporates both tags and categories, and allows participation in other users' "spaces" so that you can create a kind of "blogroll" for collaboration. The free account is highly useful. For a fee, you can store files on their servers; without, you can link to files (and images) stored elsewhere. Technical support is responsive and helpful.

Check your tasks, check your tools, give Near-Time a heft and see how it feels in your hand. You might like it. If I go back to the chalkboard in August, I'll probably be using Near-Time. Read about it here and here.


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Thanks for your consideration of Near-Time.net to meet your collaborative needs. Is there any way we can help you further? Any particular features you would like to see in the application? Please do not hesitate to contact me.

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