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Both my 8:00 and 9:00 patients cancelled, and the clinic caught me before I left the house, so I get a bonus blog! Let's see--what awaits in the hopper of earth shattering events from Small Pond...

Okay. It's toot your own horn time, or it might be said that these are two items from our "not dead yet" department. Both are out of my physical therapist clinical personae.

First item: I was making talk with our young baseball player shoulder patient as he did his workout on the weight machines (Body Master, very nice equipment!) He had recently surpassed his prior record in bench press and was gloating a little. All I had to counter were memories of my Nautilus days twenty years ago.

"I remember doing military press with the whole stack, ten reps. I think it was about my body weight at the time, 175 pounds. Bet I can't even get the first plate off the stack at that weight now" I said as I foolishly pulled the pin and put it down toward the bottom of the weight plates.

Why do I set myself up for such failure? But I had to go through with it, so fiddled around finding a comfortable position for my hands, getting my back firmly against the pad, stalling for time. I would at least use good form, even if my attempt was only a red-faced isometric, motionless event. But danged, if the stack didn't move a little with my first effort. And it moved some more. And it went all the way to the top, and back down with control. And the next day, I could still walk!

Secondly, I had asked for a body fat analysis the first time I'd talked with the clinic owner who hired me. "I'd just be curious how far I've slid since those Nautilus days when my body fat was 9%." So, she had the (electrical impedance) machine set up for our baseball player, and had done his test, results: in the low teens. I quailed to think where mine would be these days, ten pounds and two belt notches later. And TA DA! Mine was lower than Mr. Baseball!

Small events from a small pond, yes. But it was encouraging to think I'm not as far spent as I sometimes feel. And these small reinforcements make me want to take better care of what residual function, health and strength I still have. Even if I'm not physically the man I used to be, I ain't dead yet--a lean, mean, blogging machine!


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That certainly fits my image of you: a lean, mean, blogging machine who might consider putting more attention on enjoying life.

Perhaps because of your professional background, you seem to rate yourself on physical prowess rather than on mental flexibility. I think both are equally important.

Even more important, I think that our physical attributes diminish long before our mental faculties go haywire.

Happiness and success comes from using what you got while you have it!

I think you have wood chopping to thank for your excellent physical condition, so thank it heartily!! Keeping in decent aerobic condition is the be all and end all to enjoying life as far as physical health goes. Your country life style should ensure that. You blessed guy.

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