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Pet Peeves

Image copyright Fred First
Three years ago last month, we decided there wasn't enough of the original hardwood floor left in this front room to restore it. But we had to do something: the wind whistled up through the gaps between floorboards and our wood heat wasn't doing the job it should have. So we put down carpet. Buster, the Dog of the House, learned instantly that he should not come down here to the lower level after it was carpeted. His successor, Tsuga, was not so easily trained. We had to barricade the doorless openings with chairs on their sides, or the pine chest that you can see here, shortly before we instituted the (now defunct) honor system. (see also...)

Finally, T-dog learned his lesson, but over time, we were lax in enforcement and rationalized that he was okay down here with us as long as he stayed on the carpet runners in front of the woodstove and in the hall. And from there, he has subsequently claimed the entire carpeted floor. But in the past couple of weeks, his domain has expanded yet again.

His reluctance even now to come down the formerly-forbidden step has taken the form of his standing on the arm of the loveseat on the lower level (on which we two are sitting) with his back feet on the floor on the upper level: he is illegally IN the lower room while technically his feet weren't legally out of bounds on the carpet. Especially when one of us was sitting on the loveseat, he perched there whining his 'gee, dad, you sure look comfortable' whine. But only in the past week or so has he dared to invade. And already now, we can feel him watching with increasing excitement as we even trend toward the loveseat. He loves nothing better than to pile on top of the sitter and hunker down for the long haul. Ann handed me the camera to set for her, then snapped a cozy scene from a one-dog winter morning.

Next thing, Tsuga will be insisting that this ergonomic chair is too big enough for both of us. There's no stopping them. Ann says in heaven, the dogs are the masters. Some of them try on their wings a little early.


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He's a beautiful "chair-mate" and I could deny him nothing!



Yes, there is definitely a resemblance.

Fred, I love the photo of you and Tsuga. We have a 16 mo. old yellow hound/lab/? mix from the local Humane Society. Jesse thinks dogs are SUPPOSED to sit in chairs. We always have to set one up for him when we sit on our deck. Our 3 1/2 yr. old black lab is a couch potato, too.
How can we resist them when they want to cuddle?

Fred, we love it!! You know Martha has just added another dog to her household and she lets them share the furniture!! She would approve.

Glad to see I'm not the only one who noticed the resemblance. We want a dog but our aging cat would not be able to deal with the competition for her spots on the couch, bed, etc. and seriosly maim the poor canine.

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