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One Step Forward...

Two steps back. InDesign is a wonderful, terrible tool, more powerful than a locomotive, more perplexing than a Gordian Knot. Working for a while yesterday with a more knowledgeable friend, I learned about paragraph styles. I think I'm getting close to having a layout I can live with, and sent a copy of that to my printer to see if anything I did will make the factory explode when it comes time to run the presses. I am very pleased with my printer--my, even though I've paid not one cent yet. But "my" in the sense that I am committed to work with them, a very large company with a mom-and-pop care and work ethic. But more about that down the road.

So (mostly) all work and no blog makes Fred a dull boy. Google must have re-crawled the blog this week, and Fragments disappeared overnight! Visits dropped by more than half, visit duration dropped to less than 30 seconds. It's strange, but then strange has been the order of the day for the past six months with the major hacks and rebuilds and such. So, following the apparent rhythm of the larger blogging flow, I may take two steps back and blog less than has been my norm for, oh, these past forty months. Things will cycle back, in time. I've seen it all before, old-timer that I am.

Oh, I should tell the few of you still out there, the ones who visit--or try to visit--via rss feeds. While I cannot get Bloglines to help me fix this, I am now (and you should also be) able to read Fragments using one of these links:

  • http://www.fragmentsfromfloyd.com/atom.xml

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Ranch Annex now has a new metal roof, all the windows and the skylight. I'll take pix over the weekend, though it's nothing to look at, standing in a sea of slush and mud.


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I had such trouble trying to convince Bloglines that you exist. Finally I just copied the rss feed URL and pasted it into the "add" portion (instead of just hitting "sub with bloglines"). That worked!

We're still out here, Fred. I get visitors and the sitemeter shows they didn't stay but then I find a comment that must have taken more than the 0 minutes indicated.
I do, however, find it strange that Doug has not offered you any sage advice lately.
Looking forward to the pics of the Annex.

I'm finding you and reading you just fine. And oy vay! The mud! It feels like the spring thaw over and over...

Hi Fred,

I JUST got the Bloglines RSS feed to work the other day (FINALLY!!) by manually inserting the 'http://www.fragmentsfromfloyd.com/fragments/atom.xml' code!! It has been working since then, don't know why!

Good luck with the printing thing! The other thing...I have talked to a lot of bloggers lately that say their numbers are down also; Must be the weather.

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