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Dog on Speed

Image copyright Fred First
The pup had a running fit over in the pasture--not that unusual. What WAS unusual was that this time, I had my camera with me (man it feels good to be back out with the camera!) and I was ready for him. However, I got more shots of the front or back half of him than all of him. Guess I'm out of practice.

And since I'm short of time this morning, and since there is no gentle seque into the next thing I wanted to tell you, and since we were talking about public radio, I'll just tell you: I have another little radio piece that broadcasts real time this morning on WVTF (6:55 and 8:55-ish) but since most blog readers like to do things digitally, go to the link to follow. Length of Calling Them By Name is about three and a half minutes, because every time I stopped for a pregnant, Garrison Keillorish breathy pause, they cut the meaningfully dead air out of my four minute essay. I hate it when they do that. Now, if I had my own radio show, I would take the luxury to sigh, and mutter and repeat myself, and...lucky Garrison.


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I just heard your essay on WVTF. It really struck a chord with me. As a child(in the 50s-60s), I attended Girl Scout camp for 2 weeks every summer. We had contests to learn the names of trees. I grew up thinking that everyone knew that important info. HA!
As an adult, I spent 11 summers as a day camp counselor, leading kids thru' the woods and pointing out the different trees. I hope they remember some of them. Do you know the legend of the Sassafrass family and their mittens?
I taught for 33 years in the Baltimore suburbs. Even then, I made sure my kids knew that the tree that cast a beautiful yellow glow in our classroom was a maple.

We have a little 9-month old niece. I can't wait to start teaching her the names of the trees, birds and wildflowers.
Thanks so much,

Fred, I was inspired by your essay I heard this morning. I secretly wished as I listened to it in my car, that I could intercept everyone's radios so they could hear those words. At its conclusion I was delighted to learn it could be accessed on WVTF. So alas, I embark to share the essay to those I know will appriciate your words as I do. Thank you, as you've re-ignighted in me what it means to learn about nature, and how beneficial and joyfull it can be.

Fred, I listened to your essay on WVTF; excellent message, well done! Thanks for the heads up on it.

Hi Fred,
I enjoyed your column in the Floyd Press this week. I'm glad the "Floyd County Aliens" you were refering to weren't the transplanted people (alter-natives).

Kudos (not kudzu) for educating others on the issue of invasive tansplanted species. Kudzu does remind me of the the old 50s movie THE BLOB and the starlings... Hitchcock's "The Birds."

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