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A Few Good Editors

A Few Good Editors

Image copyright Fred First

More eyes, fewer mistakes. More readings, more "things readers are saying" about the book. I'd appreciate your involvement with this pleasant-arduous endeavor that will become Slow Road Home.

Without too many words, here's what I'm hoping:

...that some of you will be able to read the manuscript (or selections from same) and offer page numbers where you find typos and punctuation errors; that others will be able to offer short paragraphs suitable for a "what readers are saying" section in promotional materials, or if in time, for the back cover of the book. So:

Email me at fred1st at gmail dot com or leave a comment on this post and I will send the 480K file to you via email. I will send the file to the first 35 who request it or until the end of this week. I will bulk email at the end of the day to make it easier for me to keep up with. You have my permission, if you know of writers or readers who you think would appreciate this kind of work, to send the file to them with the same request for error reporting and for endorsements.

The Word doc (still not the very final draft, but close) lacks the nice page layout of the final form, but the pdf of that is about 4 Mb, and some of you have dial-up that will hark up a hairball at a file that size.

I know you're busy. This is a lot to ask. But I've had my Powermilk Biscuits, and they've given me the strength to get up and do what needs to be done. It's crunch time, folks, and I'm jazzed about it. Looks like it's going to happen, and I hope a few of you will be able to contribute your eyes, hearts and fine minds to the work.

Thank so much.

-- Fred


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Can't promise how diligent I'll be but I would like to read it. Thanks, Jim

I would love to read the file, and help in anyway I can.

I would also like to join the Reader Corps. Please send the file. Thanks.

I'm happy to help, Fred. Once upon a time, I used to pride myself that I had an eye for this kind of thing, although seeing what now gets past that eye on my own blog I sometimes wonder... Let me know what your deadline is for sending feedback.

I've been enjoying your writing for the past couple years since I first found you by googling "slow living." I'd love to read your book and offer whatever help I can (I spend my work days as an editor). Please send it along.

I'll be happy to take a look, though I can't promise to edit the whole thing (I'm a freelance book editor; some big projects are due in). If I see a mistake that's likely to happen again (e.g., wrong use of it's/its, etc.) I'll point that out and you can do an Edit/Find in Word to check for all similar potential errors.

Hi Fred,

I am happy to read your file and help out if I can - send it my way!

Kim MK

Glad to help if I can, Fred. Your blog's always been a pleasure to read and this allows us to give something back to you for entertaining us so long :D

I'm pretty hot on spotting typos and such. Let me know when it has to be back to you.


I would be delighted to peruse your work, Fred. I used to do some editing in a volunteer capacity for fund raisers. Hope I can help to get this project along its way. You have given so much of your time to enlighten, encourage, challenge, and entertain all of us. Surely we could give you a little of our time.

Count me in but count me slowly.

Not much in the editing department and you know we have dialup in Patrick Co. And yes, it was a competition between me and the cat. The cat won, more experience.... But you can be assured I'm in the cheering section for the Bard of Goose Creek.


I could take a look at it.

Larry Hunsucker

Not sure I could be of much help editing, but maybe my 30 years of bookselling might be able to give some marketing advice. Just let me know...

send away......

I've been out of town all week and enjoyed out-of-state company the week before, so I'm just catching up on your blog entries.

But if you still have need of a proofreader, I'd be more than willing to help.

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