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A Fresh Start in Ought Six

Most of do not have mentors or personal trainers to help us reach our personal or business goals. In my interim between teaching semesters, I will have to be my own performance coach. The best way for me to stay on the mark is to hold my goals before me, as well as my mission and my timeline. I also need some cheerleaders in the wings repeating the mantras of success, and the goalsguy has some decent ones I've printed to a Word document for daily perusal. They include groups of TEN:

  • Ten Reasons for Mission Statement
  • Ten Reasons Why THings Count
  • Ten Reasons Why People Fail
  • Ten Thoughts on Thinking

..and there are a dozen more in this Word document I've compiled from these lists, all taken from GoalsGuy, where you can also download 'audiobook' files on creating urgency and the anatomy of a goal. The beginning of a new year is a great time to do things differently, and better. Good luck (if there is such a thing) and Good Planning!


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Hmmm... Goals Guy? Fred, that is so, well, yuppie-esque... and as a former member of the Young Republicans I oughta know... well, I wasn't an official member but RayGun was my man.

Look, we'll break open a bottle of Black Dog Cabernet, find the key goal, and focus on that, k? All the rest of the goals that need to be there will follow.

dear fred,
always a blessing to come back to your delightful pages and read your amazingly spiritual and deliciously descriptive turns of phrase. wishing joy and peace to you in the new year.... and thanks for sending me running to my dictionary - previously i had been certain of the following:

ought = should

aught = zero

howsomever, in it i found that "ought" is also an accepted spelling for "aught," which is considered "archaic."

and that is the other reason i love your pages - you always teach me something. i make few "resolutions," but one of them is to come to floyd in the spring and shake your hand.

love, susannah

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