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The Where's We Are From

I've had several folks ask if all the responses to the George Ella Lyons poem Where I'm From writing exercise were assembled in one place.

I've inelegantly copied the web addresses of those I am aware of and can find who have responded to WIF. See the list below. Others back in November 2003 sent acknowledgement that they had completed this poem, but either don't have search functions on their weblogs or I'm too lazy to wade in and find their post from 2003. If you're one of these folks (or if your link is broken for some reason in the list below) please send me the permalink to your Where I'm From and I'll add it to the growing and permanent list. If I've left yours off the links below, please send me the link right away!

I'll have a separate page up before long (and permanently on the right sidebar) with a goal of gathering at least 100 links by June 1. Think we can do it? Send the poem template to friends and family. Then, post theirs on your blog if they don't have web publishing access, and kindly send me the link as well.

This could become a meaningful way of people getting in touch with their pasts, their places and their priorities. I think they make wonderful gifts between siblings, betweeen parents and children--framed, maybe, as gifts for special anniversaries, birthdays or marriage. So, click the READ MORE to open the list in its temporary home. Add to it, please, from links to your post of WIF. Thanks, y'all! -- Fred First / Fragments From Floyd

A Girl and Her Life
A Sort of Notebook
A Tech Monk Speaks
A TIme Like This
All Things to All
Art on a Limb
At The Time
Bayer Family Blog
Boca Della Verita
By The Way
Can You Hear me now
Chaotic Harmony
Coffee Breath
CovOnline (two here!)
Ellemental No permalink, March 01, 2005 post
EMOB Daily
Fragments From Floyd
Joe Missionary
Grismeri No Permalinks / March 07, 2005
Happy Husband (Curt has TWELVE stored here!)
Is THere Anything of Interest
Kingfisher Cove
Knitting Cybarian
Lima Bean Queen
Magnificent Octopus
Mental Dustbunnies
Mere Catholics
Miss O'hara
Mommy Brain
Mr. Max and Boo
Music and Cats
My 2 Second Shelf Life
My Camera Tells me Secrets
Nina Turns 40
Norge Thingy
Obx2mt Link broken
Older and Growing
Popculture Ate My Brain
Pratie Place
Purple elephant's Corner
Quantum Tea
REd Grand Am
Routon HomeSchool
Sals Journey
Sarcasmo's Story
Sarcastic Redhead (from June 17)
Scarlet Cougar
Sea and Sky
Sleeping Mommy
The Spurious Plum
Stand Up and Walk
State of Congealment
This Too
True Grit
True Jersey Girl
Texas Trifles
Turning Points
Underground Stream
Wifely Steps
You Gotta Believe


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Miss_o_Hara did one, too, that you could add to your list.

Wow. I was just coming here to let you know you could link me, and it turns out you already have! Ahh, little internet elves at work. Thanks. And thanks, too, to anyone who actually reads all the way through mine. I sort of took this idea and ran with it.
And ran and ran....
Thanks again.

- Mary (Elsewhere... Words)

That was a lot of fun, and a lot harder than I would have thought it would be.

Here's mine: http://seaandsky.typepad.com/nearest_distant_shore/2005/02/yesterday_i_spe.html

Well, I have just completed my WIF as well and now I am going to read those you have posted - thank you for this!

really enjoyed writing this

thanks for the idea. great site!

I've been keeping a list on my site at http://pratie.blogspot.com/2005/02/update-where-im-from-meme.html, but if you do make a perma-link for your list I'll just send them over there... let me know ...

This was such a lot of fun! Here is mine:


Thank you for such a rewarding assignment! :o)

Love your blog. Here is an entry that spun from your site:


Here's another one. I found this over at Piffle (linked in my post), who, in turn, found it somewhere else.

This thing may be growing beyond your expectations.


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