Which Way the Wind Blows

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There’s good news on the wind energy front: alternatives to tall turbines for domestic needs may be at hand, thanks to the invention of a young man who recently won the Popular Science Breakthrough Award for his WINDBELT. Take a look.

Meanwhile, turbine-spiked ridgetops is still an active issue in Highlands County of Virginia. This site is a great resource if your interested in this topic, that’s where I snagged the image. (BTW, my column in the FLoyd Press next Thursday will be about wind energy, and I’ll post it thereafter.)

And talking about the weather, one of Inhofe’s panel of experts is a TV weatherman who says we can rest easy about global warming because God loves us. (Not to Christian-bash as I are one, but this guy gives us a bad name.) From Effect Measure

3 thoughts on “Which Way the Wind Blows”

  1. The “man can’t harm the earth because God would not allow it” argument isn’t even particularly new. It’s been Rush Limbaugh’s standard defense since he started his shtick on radio 15+ years ago.

    Let’s not think too much about how I know that 🙂

  2. very nice! we have a mountain here that is wind viable and has these turbines…. and i would rather see windmills than have the mountain gone because of mountaintop removal mining. we have said throughout that eventually they’ll find something even more efficient and less bulky than the wind turbines…. and you can remove them then. but you can’t grow the mountain back! 🙂 this is encouraging technology…..

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