Richard Louv: Audubon Recognition

The National Audubon Society today named author Richard Louv as the 50th recipient of the prestigious Audubon Medal for sounding the alarm about the health and societal costs of children’s isolation from the natural world—and for sparking a growing movement to remedy the problem.

A former columnist for the San Diego Union-Tribune and author of seven books, Louv gained wide attention through his acclaimed book, Last Child in the Woods. The book reveals a direct connection between the absence of nature in the lives of today’s wired youth and its negative health and societal impacts, a phenomenon Louv terms “Nature-Deficit Disorder.”

…Established in 1947, the Audubon Medal has been bestowed on a wide array of influential environmentalists in recognition of outstanding achievement in the field of conservation and environmental protection. This distinguished environmental honor recognizes either a single, extraordinary feat or a record of significant contributions. Past recipients include Presidents (Jimmy Carter), Authors (Rachel Carson), Scientists (E.O. Wilson) and Philanthropists (The Rockefeller Family)

…from the Child and Nature Network

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