A Human History Without Oil: A Speculative Ramble

So again, the blog is a bookmark to bits in other places. I jotted down some thoughts at the end of days-long “what if” mind play about how civilization, technology and culture might be today had Earth events not delivered to us various forms of carbon, packaged in mass quantities underground, ostensibly for the eventual discovery by homo sapiens […]

Too Much of A Good Thing: a Drowned Salamander

We had almost exactly 4 inches of rain from Matthew and related weather cells last week. I finally got around to emptying the gauge yesterday,  and to my surprise, there at the bottom of the reservoir was this (unfortunately dead) red-backed salamander. This is a bit of an odd amphibian in that it is not water-adapted […]

Meet the Shrooms: A Forest Family

Meet the Shrooms–a couple and their small child (in the middle) that we encountered on the Middle Path after this week’s welcome rains. She, gesticulating on the right seems to be pleading with him, on the left, to blahblahblah, while he seems to be… Sorry. Woodland Whimsy strikes the already-deranged and cloistered Forested Firsts.