Saturday Shorts

►I often thought, when looking up at a crop of walnuts, that it would hurt mightily to be hit by one of those things. I was right. A glancing blow and no permanent damage done, but this time of year, wear protective clothing in walnut country. You were warned. ►And there are a gazillion nuts […]

Notes to Self ~ 13 Nov 2015

► What to give for Christmas this year? I’ve started my list.  This Desktop Edible Insect Hive Grows Your Daily Protein At Home. Lower your food carbon-footprint Feed your livestock kitchen scraps, harvest and prepare–all on your kitchen countertop. Comes with a starter kit of mealworms. Think of it: the mealworm smoothies; quiches; stews and casseroles! […]

Image by Holli First M

Creek Jots 01_22_2015

► I have not written in depth about synthetic biology here because the subject is not of interest to most regular visitors (yes there are certainly exceptions) and the topic is just becoming enormous in breadth, depth and relevance to life on the ground. Suffice it to say there are some encouraging signs that public […]

Randoms from the Ravine 22 December

If I plotted the frequency of posts and their entry times over the past year, I’d see a drop in the number per week and words per post, and also see a trend in which post times grow later and later. With wife working far fewer day shifts, the alarm does not go off anymore […]

Wednesday Wordless Wanderer

I’m staring out the window again, sports fans. I think I done lost my mojo for good this time. I’ve reached that dreaded blogger cross-roads where, looking in all possible directions, I’ve already been down that road before. In such situations, one logically resorts to their image archives. And such is the case today. The […]

Creek Jots ~ Late May 2014

▶ Barely Bears: after seeing momma and her cub a dozen times this spring,  they’ve gone missing now for more than a week. Last encounter, the baby bear that Gandy chased up a tree a month ago instead chased the dog. I think cub got the idea that it was a play date. Gandy turned […]

Creek Jots ~ Earliest Spring 2014

I usually post “jots” towards the end of the week. So shoot me. Between income tax and company coming and the firewood supply giving out, my hands are full. So read below, from my abbreviated morning musing… At least that’s what the calendar says. You’d never know it. Most of those early sightings that portend […]