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Three Dog Night

By all rights we should not have had a very small puppy in a wire crate next to our bed on the morning of December 19, three years ago. When Tsuga died suddenly on December 5, we vowed we'd live out the pain before we dared open our home and hearts to another darned dog._FBF8957gandy670You know how such things go--the empty places where their faces always appeared, the missing sounds, the unmet need to love and to be warmed in the guileless fidelity of a familiar … Continue Reading ››

Wednesday Wordless Wanderer

I'm staring out the window again, sports fans. I think I done lost my mojo for good this time. I've reached that dreaded blogger cross-roads where, looking in all possible directions, I've already been down that road before.In such situations, one logically resorts to their image archives. And such is the case today. The usual outcome of this image search is a string of words that stream out of the image.In this case, I'll just let you stream your own words about this one-of-a-kind compositions from Chez First. I think I'll get dressed and wander aimlessly outside--instead of inside--for a … Continue Reading ››

Where Trouble Melts Like Lemon Drops

IMG_3644I think his territory might be limited to just this stretch of Carolina coast, but here, the good elf Ruddy, has been very busy getting the younger children primed for Christmas by laying out surprises overnight for the joy of discovery each morning.Several days ago, he left a candy cane bud as you see here. When planted in a jar of sugar, he said would grow into a candy cane in three days (don't add water.)I admit, I was skeptical and said as much to the munchkin. She assured me that … Continue Reading ››

Blogging Under a Bushel

"Hide it under a bushel NO: I'm gonna let it shine."For some reason, an ancient memory rose to the surface this snow-blanketed week, the combination of thought-bits and ponderings and a snatch of melody out of the ethers.And so it is with the serendipity of blogging--a 13 year old reflexive impulse to "go public" with the most trivial and the most profound and personal private monologue that for some reason cannot rest content unless it takes on the illusion of … Continue Reading ››
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