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The Honesty of Insects

img_7042wheelbug800They are never duplicitous or deceitful. They are not envious of more powerful or attractive members of their group nor do they seek more creature comforts than is their hardwired destiny.They may stink or sting, buzz and bump their wee-brained heads against the ceiling or windowpane and die to leave their moldy carcasses in the dark corners of our lives.But they never run for office.This particular specimen offered itself for portraiture at the edge of a Floyd Country Store window this week. It is commonly called a "wheel bug"--a true bug of … Continue Reading ››

Out of Chaos, Order

p1010502circumferential800Structure--even frail and fragile and failing structure--seems preferable to sudden and complete disorder. The center does not hold. The old logic is suddenly devoid of common understanding. Change for its own sake yields a horrible tsunami of ambiguity and chaos where we could once see our way to the next thing.I'm staring at this sun-through-the-pines image from a rest stop somewhere in Kentucky on Sunday, looking for what it might say to me in yet another hour of traction-less spinning in the sand of current events.And I think about a conversation last … Continue Reading ››

WayBack: Fragments June 2002

bendintheroadeast800Towards the end of writing elsewhere about the start of the writing habit--and later, the shift toward writing from, for and about nature--I've been revisiting the earliest days of the blog via the Wayback MachineSo don't say you weren't warned that I might more inclined to excerpt from the history of Fragments than to add new posts while I'm working (with more discipline than usual) on material for "One Place Understood."I will, however, try to connect old posts to new images--like this one--of very few--taken from the east side of … Continue Reading ››

Forest Afloat

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Some day I'll post my bigger-picture thoughts that come from this image taken after rock-hopping across Nameless Creek yesterday.Today, there's time for only the image I'm afraid. Off to have a short session in town along with other SustainFloyd board members with Anthony Flaccavento and then  the book signing and speaking event with Anthony at Floyd Ecovillage tonight. Dinner (free) at 6 and program begins at 7.Gotta go.