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Studying About Those Good Ole Days

Sorry. I have just a minute this morning before rushing off to a dentist appointment in Blacksburg.Some of you may have suffered the dissociative results in panoramas when people move as you're panning. It can create some bizarre amputations and other bodily permutations. This is one such example.And, given the fact that my son, my brother-in-law and I sang an  a cappella rendition of "Down To the River to Pray" for my wife's dad's memorial service in Biloxi, this apparent baptism scene from a cousin's pier in the bay seemed appropriate for this morning's posting.This is one of those "forgiveness rather than … Continue Reading ››
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Lord of the Flies

Is it just US? Are others in Floyd County being bedeviled by clouds of tiny "gnats"--which upon inspection are a type of fly?What is the source? I'm thinking these are "wet vegetation" hatches. They  especially like to congregate above our windows in doors to the extent that you can't see paint underneath them.Phorid flies maybe? They are smaller than fruit flies. Wing length is greater than body length. Does anybody have a valid ID so that I can explore control measures?

Local Color

There's plenty of color in the Southern Appalachian forests, as if hue and saturation sliders were nudged to the right by the Master Painter. In just the past week, we've had a remarkable intensification of the yellows, golds and reds that were so faint just ten days ago.And while the forest floor is temporarily also colorful with freshly-fallen scarlet and saffron hickory, oak, maple and poplar, that goes quickly to somber sienna and burnt umber. Except...We do see these occasional splashes of brilliant red berries clustered low to the ground and often hidden under fallen leaves.Can you identify what plant these berries … Continue Reading ››

Sometimes, The Eddies

It is not easy standing your ground in a raging river.It takes constant vigilance lest you be swept off your feet and disappear below the surface of muddy and turbulent waters.In those times, it takes all the energy you have just to hold your place. You can do this for a while.Then, when and if you can, you seek out an eddy. The waters still flow there, but you take the chance to look around in that calmer hour to remember why it was you got wet in the first place.From that still place yesterday, I found solace in the … Continue Reading ››

Friday Nature Unknown

So what do we have here? Anyone? Have you seen this being before in your busy life?Yes, yes, another curiosity placed for your observational pleasure in the Goose Creek Roadside Museum and Medicine Show by the Foolish Farmer of Erewhon----a character who first appeared in July 2002, and who,  even more than a decade ago had come to think of himself  as invisible, so nearly alone and operating in a vacuum of fellow-feeling. Somehow, somewhy, he has persevered, nevertheless, more or less, all these years.And here one more time , with no explanation why he feels compelled to do so, in faithful … Continue Reading ››
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