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Nameless On Ice

Thankfully, we are well into the double digits this morning, in contrast to the single digits near or below zero for an unrelenting week of wind, gray clouds and eyeball-freezing weather.But it has been good for ice viewing--less so for bringing hands out of pockets, then out of gloves, to take pictures of creek ice--about the only subject worthy of such suffering for another six to eight weeks.I suggest viewing the larger image on Flickr. The ice along Nameless Creek really does make for some crisp cameos of the season, with color added by oak and especially beech … Continue Reading ››

Consider the Lily

IMG_3742turksLilyPodsFlower480Consider the lily, how it grows. It toils not, neither does it spin. And yet Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed as one of these.Something like that. It comes to mind after a misspent hour becoming anxious, angry and perplexed at the state of the world.And yet, life goes on. I have to remember that. I should change my early morning habits, and not first thingĀ  check email, follow updates or read the news. I should put off such "spinning" until noon. Remember the lily. Think first on these … Continue Reading ››

Life on the Other Side

It is like coming up for air after a month submerged in holiday busyness. Finally, the first business day after New Years, and things start to resume the usual schedule of meetings and events in Floyd.OTOH, not exactly usual, as a number of local businesses close down in January during the off-season, a fact that makes Mondays in Floyd more of a ghost town than usual.Meanwhile, we walk our walks and haul wood, and today, prep for the numbing cold expected for mid-week during which it will be full time work just keeping the house warm enough for the one … Continue Reading ››

Be It Ever So Jumbled

IMG_3738hearth580We are not knocking ourselves out decorating this year--as if we ever have. But this year, we've set the bar low-- and deserve an award for seasonal lethargy. Yes, we have a tree, but it's the Charlie Brownest ever. And this mantle "display" is about as fancy as we're going to get this time around. It's a low-ebb Christmas, and that's okay.This image showed up by surprise just now among my Camera Roll shots on iPhoto. It was taken last week as a test of an iPhone camera app to see … Continue Reading ››
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