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Long Shots: Creatures from Afar

Okay. Two really bad pix this morning but it's all I got.IMG_6371FeatherFromSpaceFirst, I wanted both of you who might be interested to know that The Google has made significant improvements in the quality of images it will show you in satellite view on Google Maps or from Google Earth.Read more about that here.The (iPhone screenshot) image above shows (look closely) our white-ish perpetual-visitor neighbor-dog Feather rounding the bend of the pasture road. Our hay was mowed a month ago. So this is recent and the detail is much sharper than … Continue Reading ››


It is true that the tomatoes are leggy and the peppers not a deep dark green as they should be. They seem to be telling me that they are in short supply of something--and probably on or all of N, P and K.I have a long list of excuses--and some reasons--why our garden is anemic this year. But I'll save the whining and move right to one possible partial solution.For the P, I recommend pee.I still have the Starbucks cappuccino bottle on the working shelf in the garden shed but have not used it thus far. I'm about the correct … Continue Reading ››

Season of Sprouts: Family Children

IMG_6311PrincessDancingThis is perhaps the most memorable quote of the summer--so far.Overheard from the back seat on the 800 mile trip from home to Goose Creek, the four year old offers this bit of wisdom to no one in particular.  And later, she performs for no apparent reason in the kitchen,  bouncing between the kitchen counters and the fridge.What a puny stage for a beautiful budding ballerina!And I've already shared about the brief visit of the grands during the short break between the last day of school and the first day of vacation. … Continue Reading ››

This Bountiful Land: Pasture First Cutting

AbbyTarynHaybales-03_680It was not the purpose for cutting and baling hay that the grands have a place to play King (er Queen) of the Mountain.But the fact that they invented their own entertainment and burned off some youthful energy in the process (with digital devices nowhere in sight) is one pleasant side-effect of last week's haying.The purpose, of course, was to power the growth of meat animals who will digest the tens of thousands of round bales cut in Floyd County and turn it into protein for growing bodies like those of … Continue Reading ››

Facing Downstream

At the Threshold
At the Threshold
One of the things I hope to reflect on in this would-be third book (that I sometimes think about and less often actually add material to) is the topic of aging, from a personal point of view of course.I took this image yesterday of Ann at the crossing, following the waters of Nameless Creek as it flows away towards an unseen destination. This might become a possible image for use if one of those passages on growing old and moving on would benefit from a symbolic visual.You … Continue Reading ››
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