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Deep Freeze February

Click to embiggen. Don't you love that word? It entered the language via media and space---the Simpsons and string theory. You're welcome.
So I was too late over to free the bridge, and won't try again until next week's thaw and flood melt.Doesn't look like so much volume of precip expected now from a complicated mix on Monday and Tuesday.Do embiggen, and pay attention to the many tiny dots over the ice. Those are flying  droplets of water created  from the turbulence … Continue Reading ››

Persistent Purple Polypores

IMG_5235purplePolypores480I confess I don't do the wood work I once did to bring in a winter's worth of firewood. I have taken to buying my wood (from Rob Cluxton) and adding a cord or two on my own from what ends up on the ground of natural causes.But there were two standing-dead trees that taunted me every time we made the pasture loop, jeering that "a real man wouldn't let easy wood go to rot." But I gave up dropping standing trees some years back after being nominated for … Continue Reading ››

Twixt Earth and Sky

IMG_5107poplarParllax480This is one of my hugging trees.I confess that I often hope when touching or wrapping my arms around a favorite tree, up around the bend, out of sight of the road, back along the banks of Nameless Creek, that I will hear a numinous hum--like the Monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey.Wikipedia says this about those mysterious black polygons that were discovered first by early porto-humans in the movie:“The first monolith appears in the beginning of the story, set in prehistoric times. It is discovered by a group of hominids, and … Continue Reading ››