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Devil’s in the Details

IMG_0292tallYellowIris480In our last expedition, we were anchored pretty close to our daughter's house in a coastal suburb near Wilmington NC due to our child-care responsibilities. Every time we go down I say I'm breaking free to find the nearest coastal nature or wildlife preserve, but I have so far failed to put sandals on that notion.So at least I would put my new Canon Powershot G7X through its paces, home-bound as I was, and with the unwelcome addition of a bout with subtropical depression. Her name was Ana.About the subject: Pale … Continue Reading ››

Garden: Getting to Done

IMG_0219dandelion480Due to circumstances beyond our control, our garden-building this year is going to be a garden blitzkrieg. We have a short span of time to get the sets and seeds in the ground.That smear of effort, usually over days and weeks, will be near impossible in hours, but there ya go.  And I will be minding the joints so that upcoming events are not orthopedically compromised.I'm inside now, obviously, cooling down from hauling tomato cages and clawing up weeds in advance of putting tomato and pepper sets in the ground later … Continue Reading ››

Man: Hi. On Grass

IMG_0208HighONgrass480Sorry. It was too windy for close-ups and too contrasty in the late morning to avoid deep shadows so this character (next to the RdD2 looking bell post) was the only subject I could find.Rumor is he didn't inhale.

Nature Writing: In, From and For

IMG_0090showyOrchis480The time I was to spend with the visiting students back in March started out to be a "nature writing workshop."  In the end, something else filled the time instead, but the notion of teaching about nature writing made me take the wider view of what "nature writing" has been for me at the keyboard now for more than a dozen years at Fragments and from that, also for other audiences.I'm still in the process of fleshing this out, but have a possible framework that may serve to help me better … Continue Reading ››
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