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Natural Abundance: For Good or Ill

IMG_4389raspberries480Should we expect a hard winter this year to come?That might be the conclusion of some Floyd County "plant by the signs" folks. If there's lots of acorns, it's Nature's (or God's--choose your source of Providence) way of making sure there's the potential victuals laid by come winter for those busy ants or squirrels or home gardeners who plan ahead.We've never seen the pasture grasses so high across the meadows and fields of Floyd County as they have been this spring and early summer. (Ours, unfortunately and yet for another summer,  … Continue Reading ››

Catskills Part One: Kaaterskill Falls

Upper Kaaterskill Falls
Upper Kaaterskill Falls Creek, a rock cairn accents the view, mid-stream
Kill this. Kill that. Fishkill. Peekskill. Fresh Kills. Say what?Okay. It's a Dutch term meaning creek or waterway (a vestige of the area's colonial past) and found its way into Catskill--ONE name for this dissected assortment of variously protected natural areas in New York State. The geology seemed familiar in places to me as someone familiar with the Ridge and Valley and Allegheny Plateau geology:Geologically, the Catskills … Continue Reading ››

Klingon Devil Pods: Trapa natans

IMG_4349devilpods480And it turns out that the name we gave it-- "Devil Pods"-- is one of the historically-used "common names" for this plant. It took us a while to finally conclude that it was indeed a plant, since the pods seem to be made of a very hard alien material rather than any botanical matter we'd ever seen.So had concluded at first that these were actually baby Klingons, dropped at Kingston Point Park along the Hudson. But then I knew that I had seen images of this bizarre thing from … Continue Reading ››

The Cry of a Baby, The Big Eyes, The Innocence

A fleeting glimpse of a mother and her baby
A fleeting glimpse of a mother and her baby from my image archives, 2005
Since the severe snow-covered winter of 2009, the "rats on stilts" as I used to call them have not been the constant army against us that they once were.So now instead of fifteen deer of an evening browsing cavalierly at the end of the pasture, we'll see a couple now and then, or none at all.They have even left us our hostas and rhododendron alone, items that … Continue Reading ››
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