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A Day in the Woods

I confess I too seldom take time these days to recharge my batteries by getting away from home, away from the computer, away from various obligations and commitments and duties.I realize the cost of that missing element when, like yesterday, I take a botanizing walk with guy-friends and remember how much fun that is--not to mention enriching.One of us kept at least a partial list of things we identified and those we never quite figured out.I am inordinately thrilled to have observed a lily I have never seen. Adding a newly-identified flowering plant to my life list is not a common occurrence. I … Continue Reading ››

I Come to the Garden Alone

Another few weeks and Ann will be threatening me with my life if I bring in another five gallon bucket of tomatoes or beans or squash.This is a statement of faith, as anything can happen in love, war or summer gardens.Today, I'm going to anchor down the tomato cages, having learned from freak windstorms in years past that five foot tall fruit-laden plants are quite top-heavy. There's nothing quite so sickening as to go out after the storm has passed and find a dozen wire cages on their sides, the soil littered with a hundred green tomatoes.What I'll do first though, … Continue Reading ››

Fruitless: Unpollenated Gardens

Finally in the middle of July, our garden is visible above the ground, even from the road some 30 feet away. For the longest time, it seemed like an iceberg--7/8ths below the surface, invisible.Now tomatoes near the tops of their wire cages, and the Delicata squash wrap their tendrils around the cattle-panel walls of the garden, climbing toward the highest wire as it they intend to stay.Floppy yellow flowers open first from the base of the squash vines, and bring the first color other than green--soon to be joined, hopefully, by oranges, yellows and reds of several tomato varieties, should … Continue Reading ››

After the 4th and Life Resumes

Maybe it is the unexpected gift of COOL early July mornings that has recharged my batteries. I don't often feel this energized in this particular month of relative heat in our mountain valley.I imagine, like me, your life has been on hold as folks left town, left the office, took their phones off the hook (there's a phrase that is vanishing into dusty memory). Twice, we moved during July 4th week, and just try getting a banker, realtor, or lawyer to return your call.At any rate, after a week on hold for this national holiday, it seems like time to … Continue Reading ››
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