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Stuck On You: Botanically Speaking

I had thought to put together a blog post on the Green Kingdom's nefarious ways of spreading its seeds by way of animal fur. We have an exemplary observatory of that phenomenon in the neighbor's woolly dog Feather that spends much time here with our dog Gandy.But the morning has gotten away from me with Obligations that came first before blogging. Yes I know, that's pathetic to let organizational minutes and press releases and other such trivia come before telling a few readers about some obscure personal discovery … Continue Reading ››

Last Call for Wildflowers

Verbena Hastata--blue vervain
Verbena Hastata--pink vervain --often seen with Joe Pye Weed and Ironweed.
The spring flowering plants tend to get way more of the attention than those in any other season. And there is no great surprise in this.In spring we have waited across the dull, dreary monochrome months from November to April for some sign of life and color. Bloodroot, Hepatica, Trout Lily and all the usual early spring emergings are the stuff for which Wildflower Pilgrimages and Naturalist Rallies are convened for eager botanists.Fall wildflowers, not so … Continue Reading ››

Riverstone, Farm to School

IMG_4529hairCloudsSunRise480A week ago today I was over at Riverstone at this hour on a somber wet morning. I got there early and explored the weeds that have overtaken the asparagus patch.This was one of the images that I came home with--in my mind. Only the background image was in my camera.I'd been saving the "sky" texture for a few weeks, waiting for the right foreground to come along. The clouds here are wooly dog fur. Thank you, Feather, for being a photographer's model for this one.And the rest of the images … Continue Reading ››

One Place Understood: Local Biology

This item is some three inches in length, to give you scale.
This item is some three inches in length, to give you scale.
So here's one to end the blog-week: an unknown item of natural origin that many folks will have never come across.Who will be the first to identify it correctly?One notion that has occurred to me (when the Do-More devil is on my shoulder) is that I could pretty easily put together a "slide show" consisting of some number of familiar and unfamiliar objects from nature. … Continue Reading ››

Goose Creek Afield: Sign Up Now!

We're good to go now to let folks know about this nature-outdoor event happening just outside my front door in September.Come walk the trails from which so many stories and images have come to Fragments over the past thirteen years.We will go slow, stop often, and share what we know, wonder, and hope from our different experiences in relationship to the natural world.Bring cameras, curiosity and questions--about ferns, flowers and forest and stream ecology. We'll consider what this place might have looked like a million and a hundred million years ago to leave behind this … Continue Reading ››
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