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Poultry Palace Complete

Coop installation by Karl Black of Black Hawk Construction who also put up the garden shed a few years back.
So you long-time readers might remember the great Chickalanche of the winter of 2014. All the snow off the barn roof came down with a swoosh onto our chicken pen and destroyed it. (And one of us got to say I TOLD YOU SO but we won't go there.)And then one of us insisted that we needed once more to offer our well-fed hens to whatever creatures get a … Continue Reading ››

tEWWWsday (Snake)Tales

Collage was easy with the help of Fotor app for Mac.
EWWWW! Is a gut response usually reserved for spiders and snakes.  Somewhere deep in our collective memory we carry a native fear buoyant on a  deep layer of disgust when it comes to certain kinds of animal. Plants, not so much.I, OTOH, rather enjoy having both spiders and snakes a part of our warm-season co-inhabitants and have recently shared a celebration in webs.But what I am realizing here past mid-way through the summer of 2015 is … Continue Reading ››

Tomato Horn Worm: Gotcha!

IMG_4481hornworm480Moveable Feast: Dinner is served.As a matter of fact, dinner is almost done for the eggs embedded with great accuracy and intention by the mother wasp into this otherwise invisible garden pest--the tomato (also called the tobacco) horn worm. See the horn up top?She found and then injected the host caterpillar many times with her hypodermic ovipositor  (at least as many times as you see white cocoons of eggs-turned-to-pupae). Those eggs have hatched, turned to tiny larvae who have eaten caterpillar juices and tissues, and emerged to the exterior to spin … Continue Reading ››

Webs Laid Low With Pasture Mow

For everything you get, you give up something.We are very happy to have our pasture mowed. But that means that there will be no more spider webs festooned from the tall grasses, dew-covered and bejeweled, backlit by the sun when it finally crests the east ridge.So here, two birds (er, spiders) with one rock: a brief tribute to our web weavers that will return after a few weeks of pasture uprising; and a subject to weave into a little story using a new media tool called Shorthand:social.It really does offer a better photo-essay medium than the tiny width of this … Continue Reading ››

The Worms Crawl In: The Marvel of Death Part One

moleCarrion8480Walking back to the house from where the bear had left his calling card (in yesterday's post), we noticed a commotion on the ground near the bridge over the branch. The ground seemed to be boiling with eyeballs--the dark spots on the white pronotums of broad flat beetles that were relative late-comers to the carcass of a recently-deceased mole.The flies (in an assortment of sizes and shapes--look closely at the larger image linked here) had come first to the feast as they typically do when a creature makes the instant … Continue Reading ››
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