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Fungal Fancy

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We did not get out to view the bioluminescence of this cluster of Jack'o'lantern mushrooms last night due to the much-needed rain.It is raining still. And the [ look carefully ] unknown salamander, I suppose, is happy as a pig in mud, sheltered from fat drops and hungry would-be predators on its perch under the large orange fungal umbrella.This mushroom is (apparently often) mistaken for delicious edible orange chanterelles, but only by those who don't bother to … Continue Reading ››

Where Have All the XXX Gone?

img_6763bubmblebeewingstem680You fill in the blank:► Honeybees ► Whippoorwills ► Bats ► Blister Beetles on Goldenrod ► Blue Lobelia ► ... ... ... ... ?Some of the changes we note are not unnatural. Some are. It's hard to tease out one from another, but the global list is long and serious.The "sixth great extinction" is not random and trivial. And if we pay attention, all of us will see it happening, more or less gradually.Much of the disappearance will, early on, be at from those tiny creatures in the ocean or the soil that serve key roles … Continue Reading ››

On Beholding

It's a lovely word: beholding.It expresses seeing beyond the mere perception of light and color, comprehending the deeper realities of the thing seen. It obliges the beholder to a deeper level of discernment than the casual onlooker.It is a central theme to what I am attempting to say now in what might someday be my third book. The notion of beholding just cropped up above the horizon of awareness again this morning, reading a piece that resonates with my own hopes to behold the ecology of Goose Creek and tell that story to others.The "reflection for Earth Day" is authored by … Continue Reading ››

Parable of A Paradise Lost

Once there was a man who lived on the island of Pangea. The man owned two head of cattle, one bull and one cow. But he owned no land on which to pasture them.But as fortune would have it, through no merit of his own, he was approached by a vastly rich landowner and given charge over a pasture of immense size--so seemingly limitless that the man would never worry over the boundaries of it.He was allowed to use this fertile and well-watered land for his own purposes, with these two requirements from the one to whom the land belonged: … Continue Reading ››

Long Shots: Creatures from Afar

Okay. Two really bad pix this morning but it's all I got.IMG_6371FeatherFromSpaceFirst, I wanted both of you who might be interested to know that The Google has made significant improvements in the quality of images it will show you in satellite view on Google Maps or from Google Earth.Read more about that here.The (iPhone screenshot) image above shows (look closely) our white-ish perpetual-visitor neighbor-dog Feather rounding the bend of the pasture road. Our hay was mowed a month ago. So this is recent and the detail is much sharper than … Continue Reading ››
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