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Animated: The Spirit of Life

IMG_5887huffvilleView2The mechanics: This shot came from the parking lot of Huffville Methodist Church and was a still capture from a 15 second video inspired by the beauty of racing fingers of wind across the tall grasses. This dance between Earth and Air is one of my favorite visuals from this time of year.The take-home: My first impulse was to describe this to myself as the "animation of the grasses." And from that, I could easily follow the crumbs of this ancient Greek then Latin-derived word into all sorts of enjoyable and … Continue Reading ››

Volunteer Unknowns

PastureAsters680We could see this patch of white from the front porch, at some distance towards the back narrows of the pasture.On our next walk-about, we made a point to veer that way through the knee-high wet grass to see if it was just a patch of white fleabane or chrysanthemums we are used to seeing in the pasture and along its edges.But no. It is an aster, to be sure-with yellow-maturing to gold disk flowers and un-notched ray flowers, a hairy stem, dark tipped bracts. There should be enough features to … Continue Reading ››

Spring Beauties

trilliumWhite_680Actually, Spring Beauties is another flowering plant that now that I think of it, is probably blooming just up the road.Here is Trillium grandiflorum, white phase. It can also emerge as a light to medium shade of pink.About 9:00 of a morning, the light tops the east ridge, sending angled shafts of sunlight through the trees. Branches are still only partially filled out as leaves slowly emerge.If you keep your eyes open, you can sometimes find one of those beams of light from 90 million miles away where it falls just so, onto and … Continue Reading ››

Diversity: Rock Castle Gorge

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Rock Castle Gorge was one of the first places I explored after becoming a biology teacher at Wytheville Community College in 1975.A friend at Tech (previously from Auburn) had heard about it as a botanical destination. I drove over from Wythe County passing through "downtown" Floyd early on a Saturday morning. Talk about your sleepy rural village.A friend and I made a casual mile walk down and back along the severely-washed out trail (in some obvious places) and accumulated a couple of dozen … Continue Reading ››
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