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six year old soccer played well

Vicarious Vitality: Watching Them Run

Yes, we have two grand daughters, and it is only because the older one had a NIGHT game that she has not been featured in this back to back g-dau series.The take-home from watching the energy expended on the field was that "there was a time" and it does not seem so long ago, when energy and strength were boundless and pain a stranger. To everything there is a season I suppose--a time to run and a time to refrain from running.I remember when our son first "played soccer" (or at least there was  a ball by that name on … Continue Reading ››
6 year old joy playing in summer sprinkler

Joy for Free

Watching our grand daughter frolic in the sprinkler, I remembered the utter joy the first day we were allowed to go barefoot--in the zoysia grass, under the mimosas, only to get "stung on a bee" as one of us lamented when it happened.The moving-parts oscillating gizmos came along well after the first one I remember--a ring of brass with holes in it that just sat there and put out a tiaraof luke-warm Alabama water a few feet into the sultry air.Joy is found in free and simple things when you're six. We should all be six as often as possible.

Creature Feature: Carolina Chameleon

We're minding the home front down on the Carolina coast for my daughter while she and hubby are away at a meeting.Other than two soccer games and one birthday party, we havent gotten far from the home base.One of these days I will have to come down with the intention of getting out to a seashore wildlife preserve with my camera. The back porch was as far as I made it this trip, and this was the extent of the wildlife available.My 6-yr-old photographic assistant could not resist getting too close too fast to our subject--a Carolina Anole. I suffered … Continue Reading ››

About The Light: About the Photographer

This is from the ABOUT page at my Etsy Store. I like the fact that this site for commerce does not neglect to let the artists and craft folks share their personal story: the WHY and the WHO of their creativity. The WHAT will hopefully sell itself.
I got my first camera, a Minolta, in 1970--the same month I got married and started grad school at Auburn University. As a recent convert to field botany, I needed a way to share what I saw in the wild.Forty years and a half-dozen cameras later, I've shared my image … Continue Reading ››
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