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To Lie Down in Green Pastures

IMG_4861BethChurchSheepPan480We've enjoyed the sunshine this week more than we might have, had not all of last week and most of the week before been so mercilessly gloomy and threatening.Even so, normally I would not have pulled over on Bethlehem Church Road to photography the sheep. But I'd had a request for just such a shot. I forgot to bring a camera other than my iPhone, but a panorama is what this scene called for.I've recently given up on Flickr after failing to get any tech support from the behemoth of Yahoo, … Continue Reading ››

Neon Green Caterpillar

IMG_4850caterpillarCrop480We were just able to get across the raging creek as it began to calm down after last week's surge of Tuesday rain.  The morning was somber and foggy, and the world had already begun its autumn slide towards the monotone drabness of winter.But as we stepped down in the creek bed, we were startled by such gaudy, brilliant chartreuse that it almost hurt our eyes. Add to that that this caterpillar was oddly translucent so that it appeared to emit light against the dark rocks of the streambed.It is a … Continue Reading ››

Friday Creature Feature

IMG_4780netwingBeetle480Banded Net-winged Beetle.One of those beasties I've identified only to have folks in the nature hike etc. ask "but what GOOD is it?" You can't eat'em. You can't smoke'em. So what good are they? Your answer would be: _______IMG_0635caterpillar480And this caterpillar is unidentified only because I don't have the time this morning to do it. So if anybody knows or is curious to explore for a name, please share.

Field Friend: iPhone

chinkapins480Just got back from her regular and my sometimes early morning walk around the "middle road" above Nameless Creek.As usual, I took my pocket camera (Powershot G7X) but never took it out of that storage location. My "phone" OTOH was used to take audio and typed field notes, collect a number of still and video images (of a flock of passing grackles) and record 30 seconds of audio ambient nature sounds.I have to confess, this little wafer of silicon and glass is a handy assistant in the relative wild of Goose … Continue Reading ››
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