Time and a World of Change ~ Part V

This is part 5 of excerpts from a piece that may someday (or may not) be a chapter in a book, given adequate keystrokes in these out-of-warranty joints; enough minutes of absolute time but especially minutes with adequate clarity and passion, wisdom and focus; and a remaining pool of neurons who get along well enough […]


The first time-lapse segment I saw on Disneyland was the closest thing to magic I had ever experienced. Normally slow-changing objects or scenes were filmed over hours or days or even weeks with an umoving camera to reveal  glacially-slow and otherwise imperceptible changes of form or color. This was not Disney’s animation work but that […]

Writing Regularity: A Blessed Necessity

Even though you’ve heard much less from me here on the once-regular blog (the least since its beginnings in 2002), I sit behind the keyboard every morning and think about you–the mostly Imaginary Audience of Fragments. Without You I’d sit frozen and motionless, not having a would-be friend to tell my stories to. Finally, it’s […]