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Feather Go Home

Go to to see more images for this post. We don’t know what goes on in their minds when they are with us, but only the smiles and memories they leave in our own hearts and memories when they are gone. We did not even know her name in 2014 when we first insisted that the white dog go back down the road to the new neighbor’s house where she belonged. Surely her family doesn’t want her wandering too far from home, we reasoned, what with their small boys who would miss the dog if she was gone for long. I … Continue Reading ››

Just Fragments of the Whole

Hello all. Or some. It’s been far more quiet here than at any time since the summer of 2002. You might have noticed, or not. Obviously, I don’t put much thought to public writing of late—not for a long time, and especially over the past six months, taking a slide toward voicelessness since November. The blog has lost its role as a two-way can-on-a-string between one cloistered writer-photographer and the Other World. I’ve lamented this far too often in recent years as the disconnect grows wider and wider. This web presence, for years, was ME. As faithfully as possible, I poured myself … Continue Reading ››

Time and a World of Change ~ Part V

Rainforest to hamburgers: the cost of cheap quick US food This is part 5 of excerpts from a piece that may someday (or may not) be a chapter in a book, given adequate keystrokes in these out-of-warranty joints; enough minutes of absolute time but especially minutes with adequate clarity and passion, wisdom and focus; and a remaining pool of neurons who get along well enough with each other to produce actual words. From the end of Part IV I have jumped to the end of the draft for this final installment, taking pity on … Continue Reading ››


Image screen-captured from a video of earth-and-sky timelapse scenes.
Image screen-captured from a video of earth-and-sky timelapse scenes.
The first time-lapse segment I saw on Disneyland was the closest thing to magic I had ever experienced. Normally slow-changing objects or scenes were filmed over hours or days or even weeks with an umoving camera to reveal  glacially-slow and otherwise imperceptible changes of form or color. This was not Disney's animation work but that of nature itself. This was real and true just outside my door--a state of flux and motion happening every … Continue Reading ››

(Mis)Figures of Speech

REBROADCAST FROM 2005 I know it is said that your enemies will tell you what your friends won't. And so even though I think of you as my friends, I hope you'll tell me to my face. I so rankle when I hear it in the speech of others, so if I am guilty please, risk injuring my hidebound ego. Rescue me by pointing it out at once. I'll do the same for you. We'll be doing each other a favor, truly. The offense to which I refer and from which I try to steer clear is ORPs: the use of Obnoxious … Continue Reading ››