Adult Day Care and Seasonal Affective Disorder Clinic

Honestly, it has been sort of nice being home-bound for a few days, with any travel obligations cancelled and not much that could be done outdoors after shoveling out the cars on Saturday and having both porches heaped high with firewood. Today marks the end of our sequester as we’re having lunch in town with other […]

Having Arrived: Winter Took Its Sweet Time

Not that I’m complaining. The wood pile has only recently begun to take a very serious daily (and especially nightly) hit. Now the season is making up for a slow start-up. There is a mixed excitement and dread facing the imminent “potentially extraordinary El Nino-fueled winter storm.” [what are they calling this one, btw?] Three feet of […]

Natural Abundance: For Good or Ill

Should we expect a hard winter this year to come? That might be the conclusion of some Floyd County “plant by the signs” folks. If there’s lots of acorns, it’s Nature’s (or God’s–choose your source of Providence) way of making sure there’s the potential victuals laid by come winter for those busy ants or squirrels […]