The Fading Faint Colors of Fall

It has not been a spectacular year for fall colors in our part of the Southern Appalachians. The prolonged late-summer drought seems likely to have contributed to the subdued palette, but the alchemy of autumn is a many-splendored mystery with regard to the exact combination of temperature and moisture and sun and wind and plant […]

When The Bottom Falls Out of the Food Web

Most people might think it’s a good thing–that there are demonstrably and significantly fewer insects than there were three decades ago. But consider that these morels are critical links between the primary producers (grasses and other greenery that turns sun into food) and the chain of upper-tier eaters that depend on insect biomass to keep […]

Off Grid on Goose Creek

This “slice of life” from 2013 also published on Jan 28 to where you can see better views of the images. You might consider “following” my articles and essays, and “recommend” a few if you find merit. Off the Grid on Goose Creek at Rhythms change when the lights go out… Even into […]

Take Two Pine Cones and Call Me in the Morning

Our prescription for an easy fire is this: just toss a couple of cones under the kindling. Then, if you must, use a match. But if you have time, wait for the resin to ignite from last night’s coals. It has been a good year for the pines on Goose Creek. Not only have they […]

Animated: The Spirit of Life

The mechanics: This shot came from the parking lot of Huffville Methodist Church and was a still capture from a 15 second video inspired by the beauty of racing fingers of wind across the tall grasses. This dance between Earth and Air is one of my favorite visuals from this time of year. The take-home: […]

Deep Freeze February

So I was too late over to free the bridge, and won’t try again until next week’s thaw and flood melt. Doesn’t look like so much volume of precip expected now from a complicated mix on Monday and Tuesday. Do embiggen, and pay attention to the many tiny dots over the ice. Those are flying  droplets of […]

Over Icy If Not Troubled Waters

CLICK TO ENLARGE AT SMUGMUG It was a three-dog night. We came up one short. But there will be other opportunities yet to get up after midnight and throw an extra piece of oak on a fire that, despite its good intentions, is not quite equal to the task of keeping Herself warm til morning. This […]