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Feather Go Home

Go to to see more images for this post. We don’t know what goes on in their minds when they are with us, but only the smiles and memories they leave in our own hearts and memories when they are gone. We did not even know her name in 2014 when we first insisted that the white dog go back down the road to the new neighbor’s house where she belonged. Surely her family doesn’t want her wandering too far from home, we reasoned, what with their small boys who would miss the dog if she was gone for long. I … Continue Reading ››

Doggy Delegation: I Come in Peace

A year ago, every time the neighbors shaggy white dog Feather would appear at the margins of our property, Gandy would bristle and charge and invariably run Feather back across enemy lines. About three months ago, something changed between them. The two dogs, about the same age and size, came to some kind of an agreement. In one of the clauses it must have stated the terms: 1) Feather comes and goes as she pleases but Gandy agrees to remain close enough to home to hear us calling, and NEVER goes to visit at Feather's house. 2) Feather will arrive not later than … Continue Reading ››

Three Dog Night

By all rights we should not have had a very small puppy in a wire crate next to our bed on the morning of December 19, three years ago. When Tsuga died suddenly on December 5, we vowed we'd live out the pain before we dared open our home and hearts to another darned dog. _FBF8957gandy670 You know how such things go--the empty places where their faces always appeared, the missing sounds, the unmet need to love and to be warmed in the guileless fidelity of a familiar … Continue Reading ››

Gone to the Dog. And When She Says GO

Now wait a minute. Those of you who once snarked that Fragments had become "all Gandy all the time" have no paws to stand on. It's been a while. And over the intervening years since Tsuga passed three years ago December 5, my dog lover-readers have wandered off to Facebook anyway. Meanwhile, Gandy of Goose Creek (Gandy, ostensibly the female counterpart of gander) has become the Dog of the House, her eyes ever-watching from her throne--the loveseat where Tsuga could go with permission, and now, where we might rest--with permission. The dog and I make a great napping pair, when she … Continue Reading ››

Gandy’s Studio

IMG_1848dogArt Yes, I’m aware it is Saturday and nobody is home in Bloggerville on the weekends. But rather than wait until Monday when a few readers trickle in from work,  I thought it best to follow up in a more timely manner on a recent Fragments disclosure. You may recall that I bragged the other day how industrious our pup Gandy was in the household task of wood gathering. Her sense of duty and her commitment to the task at hand are admirable. But be aware that there is more to her than mere … Continue Reading ››

Gandy’s Workshop

A dog's work is never done: Gandy's Workshop
A dog's work is never done: Gandy's Workshop
Dogs are pack animals, and they follow the lead of the alpha male. But some dogs are more inclined to lead than to follow, and it takes them many repetitions before the stupid alpha figures out what he's being told to do. In this case, our pound pup, Gandy, clearly sees how quickly our wood stack is dwindling. The woodstove, flickering and comforting, is a big part of her winter pleasure. Her prompts to get me … Continue Reading ››

Gandy Gone Gimpy

IMG_1409tarynGandy480She simply walked up to the dinner table Tuesday night and stood there at my feet, waiting, as if to say "Why doesn't this work anymore?" After a full, normal, active (if not hyperactive) day around the domain, she should have been standing there for a pat on the head. Instead, she showed us her right back leg was injured. No whining, no fretting, just a statement of fact: she couldn't stand on all four legs. That was the first time we were aware she had been injured; we still don't know … Continue Reading ››