P1nk Fl@yd

I wish my hands hadn’t gone numb so quickly Friday night. I’d have loved to hung out on the corner of Locust and Main on the Courthouse lawn and fiddled with the camera under unique lighting conditions. I’m still far down the learning curve on the Nikon D200, especially for night photograhy, motion photography and […]

Floyd Friday Nights

Last Friday night was my first time in the “improved” Country Store, and I was pleased. Much of the character (including the hornets nest hanging from the ceiling) remained. The same folks–the regulars–were there predictably attired and in their usual places with usual partners on the dance floor. There’s just more room now. Better lighting. […]

An Uncommon Remembrance

From where I stood to take the picture of the store (posted yesterday) I could have reached behind me and touched this stone and bronze memorial. Placed by Clyne Angle’s wife, Myrtle, I wonder each time we pass this marker about the generations that have walked, driven wagons, ridden horses, and navigated Model T’s past […]


I feel the first stirrings out of hibernation after a long winter of oblivion to writing, speaking, thinking about Slow Road Home or whatever might come next. I’ll have at least two events between now and the middle of April to make me think in concrete terms about the future of my writing and photography–two […]

Clyne Angle’s Store

I feel certain that, while I’m not able to find anything on the web, there is plenty of information about Clyne Angle’s Store at the Floyd County Historical Society. Mrs. Angle still lives in the house across the road, there at the intersection of Shawsville Pike and Daniels Run, and there is a commemorative plaque […]

Floyd County, VA: Blog Grand Opening!

Please stop by Southern Mountain Melodies, the brand new and still growing website for our friends Mac and Jenny Traynham. These local musicians are familiar faces (and voices) in Floyd, and it’s time their music gained a wider listenership. This is a specially important time for them to become more publically accessible in as much […]

Every Home’s a Stage

Another Saturday in Floyd County, another house concert. Last week, music of the mountains, sitting in folding chairs, in jeans. This week, classical music of the ages, seated in an elegant living room, in a coat and tie. The setting: The Inn at Hope Springs Farm, almost to the Carroll County line, on 221 the […]