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To Lie Down in Green Pastures

IMG_4861BethChurchSheepPan480We've enjoyed the sunshine this week more than we might have, had not all of last week and most of the week before been so mercilessly gloomy and threatening. Even so, normally I would not have pulled over on Bethlehem Church Road to photography the sheep. But I'd had a request for just such a shot. I forgot to bring a camera other than my iPhone, but a panorama is what this scene called for. I've recently given up on Flickr after failing to get any tech support from the behemoth of Yahoo, … Continue Reading ››

And When the Sun Returns: Ramble!

solartour480Yes it's been a while and will be yet another several days before we see blue skies and bright sun again. But when we do, it will remind you to order tickets for this unique Floyd County event: the Solar Home Ramble on October 17. [Click the banner above for more details about this event.] There will be eight homes (some on-house, some free-standing installations), three businesses and one farm for you to visit, and at each site, you'll get ideas of how you might make the sun work … Continue Reading ››

Giving and Getting Back: Sustainability

First before I forget: Let me remind you to join us at 6pm tonight at the Community Market for the annual Pot Luck Membership Dinner. If you're not a member but are interested, or just want to come be a part of the evening and learn what's happening now and in the future with the organization, do come. My small part of tonight's program includes a two minute brief on a potentially important new program now in "working group" status. It has variously been called the communications or the creative working group. It arose out of a recognition of the untapped creative … Continue Reading ››

Hotel Floyd: A Freebie for Stopping By

Have you been to the town of Floyd as a visitor or as a citizen of the county and never set foot in Hotel Floyd? Shame on you. It is an impressive structure (timber frame, which is as typical of Floyd as the ubiquitous Subarus we all drive.) The interior is filled with arts and crafts from local skill-sets and creative energies. You have to go no farther than the lobby to figure this out. One of the most unique things about this local lodging versus any other place I know of is the "themed" rooms. Each guest room … Continue Reading ››

Business With Pleasure: Storytelling With Purpose

Nola Albert tells her story to Jonathan Kingston, 2009
Nola Albert tells her story to Jonathan Kingston, 2009
So several things are or will soon be taking more of my attention, even while the impulse to share by way of this irrelevant blog keeps begging for some share of my attention and I cannot refuse it. First, the new notion and intention to tell the personal stories behind the vendors and farmers and volunteers and members of SustainFloyd. This is a developing "working group" in whose future elaboration I am involved, … Continue Reading ››

Riverstone, Farm to School

IMG_4529hairCloudsSunRise480A week ago today I was over at Riverstone at this hour on a somber wet morning. I got there early and explored the weeds that have overtaken the asparagus patch. This was one of the images that I came home with--in my mind. Only the background image was in my camera. I'd been saving the "sky" texture for a few weeks, waiting for the right foreground to come along. The clouds here are wooly dog fur. Thank you, Feather, for being a photographer's model for this one. And the rest of the images … Continue Reading ››

Earth Day on Floyd Time

Yes, the official Earth Day was Wednesday, April 22. We're just being very intentional and making the day accessible to working parents and their children, farmers and out-of-town visitors.  Below are the details. See you there!
Floyd Virginia Earth Day Celebration on Saturday, May 2, 2015, at the Floyd EcoVillage on Franklin Pike. This is a FREE, FUN educational event. Guest speaker from Mother Earth News to describe tips on growing ginseng. Eco activities for children. Free local tree seedlings. Local ecological businesses explain products and services. From Nature walks, forestry, medicinal herbs, organic … Continue Reading ››