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Hotel Floyd: A Freebie for Stopping By

Have you been to the town of Floyd as a visitor or as a citizen of the county and never set foot in Hotel Floyd? Shame on you. It is an impressive structure (timber frame, which is as typical of Floyd as the ubiquitous Subarus we all drive.) The interior is filled with arts and crafts from local skill-sets and creative energies. You have to go no farther than the lobby to figure this out. One of the most unique things about this local lodging versus any other place I know of is the "themed" rooms. Each guest room … Continue Reading ››

What’s in Store–the Busyness of Bizness

I think I know what Wile E. Coyote feels like out there in mid-air just past the edge of the precipice. But I'm not looking down. Not yet. I've committed myself now. And old Wile would agree it's not the falling that's so bad but the landing. We'll worry about that another day. I have ordered shipping boxes, Clearbags and envelopes for the Photo-Notecards. I will be replenishing low or missing stock within a week. (I recently discovered that five bundles of 50 cards were relieved from my stock box that I took to a couple of events this fall). I have set … Continue Reading ››