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Facing Downstream

At the Threshold
At the Threshold
One of the things I hope to reflect on in this would-be third book (that I sometimes think about and less often actually add material to) is the topic of aging, from a personal point of view of course. I took this image yesterday of Ann at the crossing, following the waters of Nameless Creek as it flows away towards an unseen destination. This might become a possible image for use if one of those passages on growing old and moving on would benefit from a symbolic visual. You … Continue Reading ››

A Solution for *CMS Disease

IMG_0293Lonesome480 What th' WHAT? The answer to writer's block, I'm afraid. Trolling through the few images from the past month this is the one that was by far the most unusual. I confessed a few blog posts back (which at one time would have meant a few days and lately a few weeks) that I had pulled the guitar out of moth balls. I'm pulling lyrics and chords of the Internet. That's the easy part. But remember chords and words at the same time--a bit more of a challenge. So I need memory aids. I … Continue Reading ››

Aging: The Challenges of the Back Nine

aging_1 So: We started joking about "playing the back nine" when we turned 50.  The half-century mark is no trivial milestone in our brief animation on Earth. After all, while it represents exactly HALF a century, actuarially speaking, the odds increase that it could be 100% of an entire lifetime. One of my best friends died a few years after we both celebrated the half-century mark. He was 52. He died with his boots on, literally. He was backpacking in Pisgah with a group of guys that could easily have included me. It was … Continue Reading ››

Longing: The South West Coast Trail

Totally opposed to my notion, nay my resolution--to use my time more wisely in the mornings, I once again found myself browsing at random by way of Google Earth. This is  a lens on the planet through which I could gaze--and learn--for entire days if I (or she) let myself. Thankfully then I suppose  it was a good thing that my old computer was sluggish touring the world through Google Earth. Unfortunately then I suppose it is not to my advantage that the new iMac with much more internal memory and much faster video card … Continue Reading ››

Down in the Mouth

As a blogger over the years, I've generally avoided sharing  the nuances of bodily state or machinations of marital war and peace. (If there are regular readers out there, even on a Friday, you'll have already nailed me as a liar on both counts. There are even several pieces about the spousal unit in Slow Road and What We Hold in Our Hands. So sue me.) I don't think, however, with the exception of the selfie from the dentist chair in the nitrous oxide clown mask (which I would have linked here but cannot locate), I've not  talked teeth … Continue Reading ››

Old Dog, New Budget

So here we go, entering the Wonderful Water Park of Later Life, splashing and giggling down the slippery slope into the years of total immersion in Blessed Retirement. The faucet by which the hot tub of spendable dollars will fill is pretty much a known trickle in the absence of the monthly salary stream. The volume of outflows-- the leaks, the sudden catastrophic emptying--OTOH is both a known and an unknown figure. We can calculate what we usually spend and what we usually owe in regularly-occurring bills each year, divide that by twelve and approximate a monthly budget.  Fine and dandy. But the … Continue Reading ››


Refugiuman area where conditions have enabled a species or a community of species to survive after extinction in surrounding areas. An area in which a population of organisms can survive through a period of unfavorable conditions;  an area of relatively unaltered climate that is inhabited by plants and animals during a period of continental climatic change (as a glaciation) and remains as a center of relict forms from which a new dispersion and speciation may take place after climatic readjustment. As a few of you know, we traveled again, far south--perhaps for the last time, as the passing of the patriarch and his … Continue Reading ››