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Where the Rivers Go

I won't wax poetic with my own AHA realizations from the maps depicted on this page. There was a time when I would have, so count yourselves lucky. Images by  Hungarian cartographer Robert Szucs, depicted at: These may be the prettiest maps you'll ever see | MNN - Mother Nature Network I realize, after dozens of geography and cartography-related posts over the years, that not many of you find the fascination or enjoy the understanding that can come from simply pouring oneself into the details of a particular terrain. These beautiful maps isolate river drainages … Continue Reading ››

Faceless Nature: a Familiar Lament

Child’s Play: Holding the World in the Palm of Her Hands
What they hold in their hands today--iPod or millipede--can make all the difference in where their center of importance will be in their adult lives.
Some Fragments readers might have read my Facebook post last week, where I expressed no surprise but disappointment that a nature hike was offered at the County Fair, and response was predictably underwhelming. Some might have thought I was whining out of bruised ego that my offered time was ignored. But no. What lies at … Continue Reading ››

On Beholding

It's a lovely word: beholding. It expresses seeing beyond the mere perception of light and color, comprehending the deeper realities of the thing seen. It obliges the beholder to a deeper level of discernment than the casual onlooker. It is a central theme to what I am attempting to say now in what might someday be my third book. The notion of beholding just cropped up above the horizon of awareness again this morning, reading a piece that resonates with my own hopes to behold the ecology of Goose Creek and tell that story to others. The "reflection for Earth Day" is authored by … Continue Reading ››

Humankind: a Course Correction is Possible

changesEverything680 The last movie of the SustainFloyd spring film series will come from  Naomi Klein's book "This Changes Everything." Doors open at the Floyd Country Store at 6:00 on May 11 for the potluck (bring your own plates and utensils please) and the film will start soon after 6:30. From the dozens the SustainFloyd has shown over the past 7 years, this film promises to be one with perhaps the greatest consequence. As the documentary suggests, the choices we make this decade as a species with regard to that abstraction we glibly dismiss as "the environment" will determine … Continue Reading ››

Floyd Experience: Being Local Being Real

Riverstone Bonfire: Floyd Experience 2016. Click to enlarge.
Today is the final full day before 25 St Joseph's University students leave Floyd for Philly. We don't know what kind of debriefing they will be involved in when they get back. We are not sure that any of their stories from Floyd County will come back to us. All the folks who organized and oversaw this week's event will have for certain is a sense of having made the week work very well for what was an exemplary group of students during an … Continue Reading ››

Being, Learning, Serving: Floyd Voluntours

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This is the fourth year that SustainFloyd has hosted a group of spring-breaking students from Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia. Our name for the week is FLEX--the Floyd Experience. The sponsoring organization's name is VOLUNTOURS, a function of         * Via International. The student group is divided into three "teams." Every day there is a "home team" in charge of setting up meals, taking care of livestock at Riverstone where they … Continue Reading ››