Simulated: Life, the Universe and Everything

Here’s a mind-bender to end the week: Are we all merely shadows on the wall of Plato’s cave? Is there really a REALITY or are we simply made by some puppetmaster to act is if… In the Matrix, minds were real but the physical world was a computer simulation. In the current philosophical and physicists’ […]

We Really Don’t Know Clouds At All

I’m sure I had another post topic in mind before I checked my Google News Alerts. Stupid thing to do if you have any interest at all in maintaining focus. I did not maintain. One of my searches is for news for “cybersecurity.” While I’m not a coder or hacker, I’m an end-user. I’m a […]

Homeland Security: Locally Intact

I know how anxious you have all been during the silence at Fragments since last week, but want to assure you that all is quiet on the western front, and I come back from my adventures in NY state to find the homelands secure. I will, perhaps, have a story of my encounter with TSA […]

RE(Devon)THINKING My Brain

Long story short, I think I’ve made permanent changes in how I structure documents, blog posts, web pages and writing on the computer. A ticker tape parade ensues. Stock prices soar! At the end of the story, I’m moving away from Evernote and towards Devonthink Pro. Here’s why (and thank you for asking.) Devonthink Pro […]

Geek-Out on Goose Creek

Every so often I do a geek brain dump on the blog. I really don’t suffer the illusion that anybody gives a rat’s acetabulum about my particular computer workflow or preferred digital tools or what I do with them. But for my own purposes, I do enjoy from time to time perusing the now twelve full […]

It’s All Connected: Ecology of Things

If we decided to (and I’m not placing any bets) we could use the coming interconnectedness of things and the information that provides to first understand and then correct the ways we waste, pollute, and despoil the very basis of our existence. The “Internet of Things” holds as much promise as it does risk. Read […]