Plate is Full, Blog is Empty

I made the mistake a few weeks back of saying I hoped to be doubling down on efforts to apply the brake to the creening path of humanity towards the brink–as if one person can make a difference; and yet… One person can be a bystander or can give aid at the scene of a […]

Reprise: Of Memories and Hopes and Golden Dreams

Once upon a time, there was a strange farmer of Erehwon. He gathered his curiosities, his precious things–momentary objects that held his attention and delight–and hoped others might wander down his lonesome road and share his fascination with the ordinary. They came at random, sometimes rather sizable crowds of them, and a few exclaimed and […]

Fragments Future

Fragments “came together”, so to speak, in the spring of 2002—for a variety of reasons, a history of belonging and writing and journey of self-knowledge and sharing that I have embellished with photographs over the course of the past 15 years and literally millions of words. And that journey has morphed through several molts over […]

One Man’s Junk: Info-Hoarding

I confess to being a hoarder. My wife would say that my desk offers ample piled-higher-and-deeper evidence of that claim, but I actually need just so much disordered STUFF around me to make my mind seem like a relatively organized place by comparison. The hoarding I am admitting to has to do with information. It […]

The Fragmented Empire

You might have noticed that, after years of thematic stasis and no blog changes but the regular filler of words and images, we’ve rearranged the Fragments furniture in the past few weeks. Fragments design has shifted to a new template. And as with most changes, there are some losses and some improvements. The purpose for […]

Blog as Selfie

Why blog? I am sure I’m not the only one who asks this question—one that fails to find an answer, even as we fire up the keyboard and fill more white space with words and pixels—about what, for what, towards what? The buzzword in these days of ubiquitous personal technology is “self-documentation.” It’s all about […]

Circling to Settle in

I feel a bit like any dog we’ve ever had. Coming to a potential napping spot, indoors or out, there’s typically a lot of circling–once, twice, sometimes more–before finally having the sense that this is exactly the right place. So I’ve gotten up from one place that just didn’t seem quite right, and am not […]