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My CO2 Melts 50 Meters of Arctic Ice

co2arcticicefootprint800 One of the most useful and fairly recent ways to understand the impact of human commerce and lifestyles on the biological and material resources and processes of the planet is to express that use in terms of a carbon or water or energy or soil “footprint.” But up until now it has not been possible to express with precision the impact of human carbon footprints on Arctic sea ice. It's one thing to have a number for your shoe size, but another thing altogether to know what you're stepping on in the real world. As … Continue Reading ››

The Biology of Vocation

bioluminescentShark650 There was a time when, on this blog, I posted a couple of times a week about some new discovery from the natural world or about some oddity or creature feature that amazed me. That, after all, is who I am: a professional and professed tree hugger. That crowd of former biology-receptive readers has wandered off elsewhere, so I don't have so much to say about my private delight in the natural world, where even here on the back nine, I continue to marvel at what we learn and at what we … Continue Reading ››

Mail-Order Mini-Brains

brain walkingOne of the most unforgettable books I read in grammar school--maybe the sixth grade--told the story of two people who "died" in a car wreck intentionally made to happen by "the bad guys." The villains were evil scientists and the victims a good-science man and wife. I forget the details but somehow their brains were harvested soon after the wreck, suspended in glass jars and connected to what we would now call a computer. By means of this connection, they could communicate and could exert some physical control over … Continue Reading ››

Floyd Arts Dialogue September 18th

All are Invited to Floyd Arts Dialogue to Discuss: What Role Does Art Play in STEM? STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. There has been much recent debate in educational circles from elementary to graduate levels to explore ways in which these vital disciplines can be better integrated with the practical outcome of equipping American students to solve real-world problems. Will we better train the "hard" disciplines to create effective collaborative solutions to problems present and future if the artist's way of sensing the world, of thinking and creating is part of the science-and-tech mix? So the debate is STEM vs STEAM. … Continue Reading ››

One Place Understood: Local Biology

This item is some three inches in length, to give you scale.
This item is some three inches in length, to give you scale.
So here's one to end the blog-week: an unknown item of natural origin that many folks will have never come across. Who will be the first to identify it correctly? One notion that has occurred to me (when the Do-More devil is on my shoulder) is that I could pretty easily put together a "slide show" consisting of some number of familiar and unfamiliar objects from nature. … Continue Reading ››