At the End of Your Rope

Pulling, lifting, holding, securing, lashing and binding. Construction, seafaring, sports, adventure. For these purposes, even in our age of advanced technologies, nothing has or will ever come along to replace “the rope.” First found in use around 17,000 years ago, the basic design has remained little changed,  the natural jute, cotton, or hemp fibers have been […]

Sense of Presence: Earth Places

I am one of those former young adult dreamers about far-away places that feels like a dream has come true. It is called Google Maps/Google Earth. It can take me any where, any time. And when (increasingly often) I need a diversion from what passes these days as reality, I fire up the engine and […]

Simulated: Life, the Universe and Everything

Here’s a mind-bender to end the week: Are we all merely shadows on the wall of Plato’s cave? Is there really a REALITY or are we simply made by some puppetmaster to act is if… In the Matrix, minds were real but the physical world was a computer simulation. In the current philosophical and physicists’ […]

Un-like: Detoxing Our App-etites

It’s okay to be hooked on phonics, but not on our iPhones. But we are, by the same design that once made us trust the health assurance of cigarette smoking  and now incites us to hunt POcKEtMONsters or photograph our dinner on our plates or our dinner on our own faces for the world to see. Just say no! […]

The POINT of a Hundred Points of Light

I really must take control of the morning coffee-browse, because it invariably sends me off down rabbit trails other than the intentional path I thought I was going to take, and really should have gotten right on, first thing. This 2 minute performance here falls into the SuperBowl Halftime Show Glitter and Tinsel category for […]

Field Friend: iPhone

Just got back from her regular and my sometimes early morning walk around the “middle road” above Nameless Creek. As usual, I took my pocket camera (Powershot G7X) but never took it out of that storage location. My “phone” OTOH was used to take audio and typed field notes, collect a number of still and […]