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The POINT of a Hundred Points of Light

I really must take control of the morning coffee-browse, because it invariably sends me off down rabbit trails other than the intentional path I thought I was going to take, and really should have gotten right on, first thing. This 2 minute performance here falls into the SuperBowl Halftime Show Glitter and Tinsel category for visual hyperbole and self-promotion on the part of Intel. They supplied and software-power and choreographed the hundred light-bearing drones. In the end, it was all about them, and as I watched mesmerized, I saw too that this is a harbinger of LIVING ADS and SKY … Continue Reading ››

Field Friend: iPhone

chinkapins480Just got back from her regular and my sometimes early morning walk around the "middle road" above Nameless Creek. As usual, I took my pocket camera (Powershot G7X) but never took it out of that storage location. My "phone" OTOH was used to take audio and typed field notes, collect a number of still and video images (of a flock of passing grackles) and record 30 seconds of audio ambient nature sounds. I have to confess, this little wafer of silicon and glass is a handy assistant in the relative wild of Goose … Continue Reading ››

Aural Unknowns: What’s That Sound?

Click image to hear morning birds and creek songs via SoundCloud
I just noticed last night- -though it had probably been ramping up for a week or more--that the insect noises out our back door were deafening after dark. I came back in for my iPhone to record a snippet but got distracted and never finished the task. But I will. And I'll post it here to share yet another vignette of life as it happens in my particular time and place. Not many readers click links like that, … Continue Reading ››