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At the End of Your Rope

Pulling, lifting, holding, securing, lashing and binding. Construction, seafaring, sports, adventure. For these purposes, even in our age of advanced technologies, nothing has or will ever come along to replace "the rope." First found in use around 17,000 years ago, the basic design has remained little changed,  the natural jute, cotton, or hemp fibers have been replaced by nylon and other synthetics since my boyhood. (I remember how hard on the hands was the natural rope we used in the last-evening bonfire tug-of-war at summer camp.) It is such an inexpensive and low-tech tool with so many varied and practical uses in everyday life … Continue Reading ››

The POINT of a Hundred Points of Light

I really must take control of the morning coffee-browse, because it invariably sends me off down rabbit trails other than the intentional path I thought I was going to take, and really should have gotten right on, first thing. This 2 minute performance here falls into the SuperBowl Halftime Show Glitter and Tinsel category for visual hyperbole and self-promotion on the part of Intel. They supplied and software-power and choreographed the hundred light-bearing drones. In the end, it was all about them, and as I watched mesmerized, I saw too that this is a harbinger of LIVING ADS and SKY … Continue Reading ››

Field Friend: iPhone

chinkapins480Just got back from her regular and my sometimes early morning walk around the "middle road" above Nameless Creek. As usual, I took my pocket camera (Powershot G7X) but never took it out of that storage location. My "phone" OTOH was used to take audio and typed field notes, collect a number of still and video images (of a flock of passing grackles) and record 30 seconds of audio ambient nature sounds. I have to confess, this little wafer of silicon and glass is a handy assistant in the relative wild of Goose … Continue Reading ››