A Solution for *CMS Disease

What th’ WHAT? The answer to writer’s block, I’m afraid. Trolling through the few images from the past month this is the one that was by far the most unusual. I confessed a few blog posts back (which at one time would have meant a few days and lately a few weeks) that I had […]

The Other Rail to Trail: NRV Trail

Sort of a busy week ahead, with many hours of sitting in metal folding chairs. Committee animal this boy is not, and yet I will be because it is required. Hopefully the human end can tolerate the required hours to achieve the organizational means. At the end of the week, on the other hand, I […]

Footloose at FloydFest12: Nature Hikes

First the bad news: FloydFest 12 is sold out. The good news is that you’ve got your tickets. Right? I don’t think I had any Fragments readers on my several hikes at FloydFest last year, but you never know, so I thought I’d let you consider putting that on your list for things to do-see-hear […]

Sweetlips Put-Down

For a change of pace I’m fleshing out this post via Postach.io–a beta blogging platform that works off of Evernote. Since Evernote is where I create and curate my blog posts and related links (as many others do as well), makes sense that this might someday become a fleshed-out blogging medium. So here’s a little […]

The Glue That Holds Us Together

In light of the most recent evidence that we are a species capable of destruction and profound hatred, it seems more important than ever to reassert our potential to create and to love. In the end, the power of love and trust and the good will win. It’s going to be a long, hard struggle. […]