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Health Reads 30 Mar 2017

I find it much easier to browse lately than to get in touch with the poor battered Muse from yesteryear. Alas, she is requesting a DNR order and who can blame her in such times? And so I have broad-brush Google News alerts for topics impossibly broad like HEALTH. Perusing keeps me off the streets and gives me the illusion I'm "doing something." Just my previous ordinary writing is NOT doing something, the wife claims. So It's pretty interesting the variety of things that turn up in said search that I would not … Continue Reading ››

Eight Years Later: Morgellons Linked to Lyme?

I think maybe, back when I was seeing patients as a physical therapist, one of them told me about a mysterious condition (their own, a friend's, a child's?) that "medicine" was dismissing as "delusional dermatopathy"---an itch all in the heads of apparently some number of people who had sought--and not obtained--help. The CDC had just weighed in on the subject, and at the time (2008) it was given about the same credibility as fibromyalgia. This morning I was scanning through and culling from more than two thousand saved articles (in Diigo, which I have been using since 2006) and ran across … Continue Reading ››

Sudden Onset Dementia: Could It Be Lyme?

It might be trivial. It might produce only an itchy spot or  symptoms that are brief and go away entirely. Or a tick bite could change your life in terrible ways for a long, long time. And worse, almost 70% of those who get Lyme disease from a tick bite go undiagnosed. Or if treated, they may be getting subclinical results from insufficient antibiotic treatment. It’s hard to know the facts, but one fact is that we don’t have all the facts. We have underestimated and often failed to detect the reservoir of pathogens a single tick can inject, and have misunderstood … Continue Reading ››

More Hard Cold Facts

commonCold250Since my post a few days ago, I've been in "discussion" with the wife who has certain, er, understandings of what we must do this side of my germ state. She has advocated for disinfection--short of threatening to burn all my infected bed clothes, but only barely. The possibility of industrial-strength sterilzation made me do a little more digging. And I was right about some things. And not about others. I was right that you cannot re-infect yourself from your own toothbrush with the same viruses you just survived. You CAN … Continue Reading ››