Eight Years Later: Morgellons Linked to Lyme?

I think maybe, back when I was seeing patients as a physical therapist, one of them told me about a mysterious condition (their own, a friend’s, a child’s?) that “medicine” was dismissing as “delusional dermatopathy”—an itch all in the heads of apparently some number of people who had sought–and not obtained–help. The CDC had just […]

Resistance Far from Futile: Bacteria’s Amazing Adaptability

Bacterial resistance is far from futile. It happens with amazing speed. For bacterial hosts–like us–on the other hand,  resistance might be futile, here beyond the end of the age of the “overworked miracle” that once described antibiotics. Serving suggestion: watch the jaw-dropping video time lapse of bacterial macroevolution whereby a high rate of reproduction, a high […]