SustainFloyd Offers the Personal Climate Pledge

SustainFloyd’s Personal Climate Pledge asks YOU to be intentional about what you eat, drive, wear and throw away. I post it here for the couple of Fragments readers who might stop by. Some of you have seen/heard this on Facebook from WVTF starting yesterday. Robbie Harris put together a piece showcasing the Personal Climate Pledge […]

Blue Ridge Mountains from the air

Mt Valley Pipeline Hits a Speed Bump

In case you once followed the progress (or potential devastation) of the 42-inch Mountain Valley Fracked-unNatural Gas Pipeline but had wandered away from the topic, seeing its opposition as a spitting-into-the-wind lost cause, you might want to take a few minutes to come up to speed. It seems Mt Valley does not have a free […]

The Bad Luck of the Alleghenies: What’s Under the Ground

There was once a wide shallow life-filled sea that filled the bowl to the west of the Crystalline Appalachians—as the Blue Ridge geology is sometimes described. The area is now known as the Cumberland or Allegheny Plateau of the Central Appalachian Basin. Along with the Ridge and Valley Province from Pennsylvania to Alabama, the region’s […]

You (Don’t) Need a Thneed

Or…The Lorax Continues to Blog for the Trees. I (sort of) apologize for my blog mood-swings of late (as in the past five years.) It makes me feel better learning that I’m not the only one who has come to feel out of relationship with the medium and its former audience, and not certain how […]

The Dog Ate My Environmental Impact Study

So I’m reading about a bill, the Natural Gas Pipeline Permitting Reform Act, that puts a time limit of a year on FERC to approve a proposal for a gas pipeline. And I’m reading the last bit of the quote below thinking heck, maybe this is a step in a logical direction. So I expected if […]

Certain Unalienable Rights. Maybe.

The noon “action” in Floyd yesterday brought the hardies out into the cold wind to advocate for a voice in what happens to the places we call home. I was one of several representatives from the counties at the gathering to offer a  statement at the press conference upstairs in the Floyd Country Store.  Find some […]

Fossil Free – Global Divestment Day

Thursday in Floyd: We Have the Right to Say NO MORE CARBON

Fossil carbon has been an unbelievable one-pass-through ultra-concentrated source of energy, power and change for the better for two centuries. We can’t fault those early energy pioneers who exploited the heat of coal and horsepower of petroleum to heat homes and power wheels of horseless vehicles  and run the engines of commerce of our great-great-grandparents’ […]